Zapp Gum Review

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is taken from various sugar alcohols. It is a naturally occurring substance that is derived from xylose, and it is also a popular substitute for cane sugar. There are a lot of uses of the said substance, and most of the time it is used by diabetics and other health-conscious individuals to reduce the amount of glucose and calories in their diets. But this isn’t the only purpose that xylitol is well known and widely used for. The substance is also used for dental care. It may seem odd, but xylitol has been used for over 25 years for oral hygiene and dental care purposes.

It has been discovered that xylitol has excellent cavity-fighting as well as bacteria-eliminating properties that can highly reduce the chances of an individual to develop any forms of tooth problems such as caries, cavities, decay, and even sensitivity. Since the primary food source of bacteria inside the mouth is glucose, eliminating it from the diet by replacing the sugars with xylitol can be a very effective method to ensure healthier and stronger teeth. It can also significantly reduce plaque formation, thus allowing the teeth to remineralize better and repair itself from the many damages that it may have encountered from different bacteria and foreign substances in the mouth.

But where do you find xylitol? One of the most popular xylitol products in the market today is the ZAPP! Gum. This product was developed and is manufactured by the company of the same name, and it was first released in 2003 with only one flavor. As of today, ZAPP! Gum has six flavors that you can choose from to satisfy your personal preferences, with five of them official award winners.

What makes ZAPP! Gum better than many of its competitors is the high content of xylitol in every piece of gum. Other products may be advertised as xylitol gums, but you will find the concentration of the substance in the product is very low. This makes the product an ordinary piece of gum with a “hint” of xylitol just so it could be sold and classified as one. This is a form of marketing strategy that other companies do in order to sell their products, claiming to provide the benefits of xylitol but not even close to adding an adequate amount of it in their gums to make a difference.

ZAPP! Gum, on the other hand, has a concentration of 1.03 grams of xylitol in each piece of gum. This can beat even 10 pieces of other popular brands of xylitol gums in the market. You definitely get what you pay for with this brand of xylitol gum, and you also get the best oral hygiene care that you can get from the substance.

To get the best benefits out of your ZAPP! Gum, it is advised to chew at least 6 gums in a single day to provide the sufficient amount of xylitol that will really make your teeth clean, strong, plaque-free, and bacteria-free. You even get to choose from six flavors that will make your oral hygiene practice not only better but also more satisfying. You can choose from Cool Peppermint, Cool Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Fresh Fruit, and the newest flavor that makes ZAPP! Gum even more sellable – Spearmint.

If you buy ZAPP! Gum, you might find yourself facing several different products with the same name. This is because the product is often imitated because of its popularity. That’s why it’s best to first research about the product before buying one. Or better yet, just order online because there are limited retail sellers of the product. You can be sure that all expenses are worth it because this gum has a lot of benefits to offer, and for a very affordable price as well.