What Causes Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are caused by the formation of minerals in the kidney brought about by the inability to successfully dissolve these minerals that have been absorbed by the body. The kidney filters these minerals from the blood and the minerals which cannot be processed will remain in the kidneys and after some time, solidify. These solids may pass along with urine and if they are big, they can cause the obstruction of the ureter. This obstruction may bring pain and difficulty to an individual especially when he or she is urinating. For people to be able to prevent it, it is important to know why it occurs.

How Do You Get Kidney Stones?

Water is used to help the body absorb the nutrients it needs as well as dissolve foods or solids which have been taken in by the body. The lack of water in the body can cause kidney stones. Foods that are high in salt and calcium cannot be easily digested because of their high mineral content, and water is required to properly dissolve these minerals. If a person does not drink enough water, these minerals can remain in the blood stream and when they get filtered by the kidneys, they may solidify into stones.

An individual should closely take note of the foods that he or she intakes. Foods are daily part of our lives and it by examining the foods that we eat, we will be able to easily eliminate or even reduce the intake of foods that can harm us. It is preferable that one checks the label before he or she eats or drinks. Since foods high in uric acid are the most common causes of kidney stones, these foods should be avoided. Another thing to avoid is calcium deficiency which ironically is the cause of calcium stones. If you are not receiving enough calcium in your body, you will have a higher chance of acquiring stones.

Moreover, kidney stones can also be hereditary. Like other illnesses, the prevalence of this illness among your family members may also cause one to be born with it or in other cases, one may only learn about it in the latter parts of his or her life. As this comes with having no choice to prevent it, it is important that one is careful that the condition will not worsen.

Aside from these, certain medications that we also intake can also cause kidney stones. This is because some medications also contain calcium that, as said earlier, can also contribute to the formation of the stones. This medication may include pills or diuretics which apparently just deposit more calcium into the body. Certainly, one can consult a physician in order to learn about alternatives so that this may be prevented.

Kidney stones can be effectively prevented through an individual’s discipline of one’s self. One should identify its causes and from there, choose the foods and medications that he or she has to intake. It depends on one’s lifestyle especially since anything in excess may certainly cause any illness. In addition, obesity and metabolism disorders may also lead to kidney stones as this does not allow the body to effectively digest food and absorb the things that are needed by the body. If you have a family history or if you are experiencing some symptoms of kidney stones, make sure that you perform the proper preventive and curative measures so that the condition will not worsen.