What Causes High Blood Pressure in Women

Hypertension affects people the world over. While there is an increasing rate regarding high blood pressure, it is one condition that can easily be diagnosed and treated. A lot of assumptions have been brought forward that men are mostly affected by heart diseases but records show that a lot of women also suffer and die from cardiovascular conditions. If high blood pressure is left unattended, it can cause damage to the heart as well as to the kidneys. It will also lead to heart attacks, stroke or even death. High blood pressure is considered a silent killer and claims a lot of lives every year. Thus it of extreme importance that it is detected right away and medical attention is properly administered to the patient.

High blood pressure all sexes regardless of age and race. Excessive smoking and intake of alcohol, obesity, high cholesterol, high salt intake, inactivity or lack of exercise and heredity contribute to hypertension. Being overweight means that there are a lot of fats stored in your body. Patients with diabetes and other heart ailments are also exposed to high blood pressure. Several factors are also connected with the disease such as age, stress, smoking and inadequate ingestion of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The older you are, the more prone you are to high blood pressure this because of the sedentary life you lead. Genes also has an effect on hypertension. If it runs in your family, then mostly likely you are going to have the condition, too. Smoking narrows down your arteries and will not be able to adequately receive the blood pumped by your heart.

What are the causes of hypertension in women? Pregnant women are at risk at developing hypertension than women who are not pregnant. Women using oral contraceptives and birth control pills should submit themselves for medical examination and their blood pressure should be monitored. Women who smoke and utilize contraceptives are in great danger of having a stroke. Women who have undergone menopause are also at risk where high blood pressure is concerned. Women also increase their threat against hypertension if they have undergone hysterectomy since the uterus turn out chemicals that assist in regulating blood pressure. When the estrogen levels in women decline, women are also vulnerable to hypertension. Even if they undergo hormonal treatment therapy, this does not lessen their risk against heart attacks or cardiovascular problems.

The good thing about high blood pressure is that it can be managed. Take care to visit your doctor on a regular basis. He or she will know what medicines to give you. Most of the medications will be in the form of diuretics, calcium, alpha and beta blockers as well as ACE inhibitors. Your doctor will recommend that you drink prescriptions drugs alone or may be combined with other medication as your doctor see fit. It is important that you take the medicines are prescribed and do not stop taking them. Otherwise, your blood pressure may be affected and go up.

Doctors will usually recommend that you lose weight and advise you to do some lifestyle check and make the necessary changes so you nurse yourself to health again. More importantly, you have to lose weight, follow strictly a heart-friendly diet, and do regular exercises. Thirty minutes of walking or other physical activity should be enough to keep you moving and active. Be sure to limit your salt intake and you have to stop smoking and lessen your alcohol intake, too. Lead a healthy life, follow doctor’s orders, and exercise regularly. Most of all, love your heart and you will longer.