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The face is the part of the body which usually catches the most attention and, most of the time, it is the first area to be stared upon when meeting other people. It is the part that we use to express ourselves as well as present our uniqueness to others. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to give high attention to the face as the value it gives us is very essential. Uneven skin tone on face can affect the way we present ourselves to others and can also influence our looks. It is said that it is in the face of a person that the charm can be seen and this uneven skin tone may diminish that charm.

It is imperative to know the different causes of uneven skin tone. Most of the time, it may be because of too much exposure in the sun. As the sun is a major contributor not only to aging but also to the pigmentation of the skin, daily exposure to it without the application of the necessary protection should really be prevented. Exposure to harmful environmental factors such as dust and dirt can also cause breakouts that can contribute to the discoloration of the skin.

It can be said that not only external factors contribute to the uneven skin tone on face, but there are also internal factors. These include oily skin, hormonal imbalance, stress or even some diseases that manifest uneven skin tone color as their symptoms.

Uneven skin tone can range from just a small spot or dot in the face, to patches of discoloration with a large part of the face being affected of the problem in pigmentation. Uneven skin tone is actually a problem to many and many treatments, may it be done at home or through consulting a physician, are already advised in order to get rid of this problem. Variations in these treatments also exist because it depends on a variety of considerations which may include the severity of the discoloration as well as the location where it is found. It can be said that certain treatments are restricted in certain areas of the face due to safety and health reasons.

For treatments that can be done at home, these may include natural whitening ingredients which list cucumber, tomato or potato being applied or rubbed in the areas where uneven skin tone occurs. The longer that it stays on the face, the better. Another method is through the use of whitening products such as soaps, creams or moisturizers. This will essentially aid in rejuvenating the skin and in effect, eliminate the discoloration. The use of sun block is also included to the daily regimen. One should remember to apply it within an acceptable amount of time before being exposed to sunlight. Home-made remedy through the use of baking soda which is proven to whiten surfaces can also be used. It can be made as a scrub which you will apply to the face on a regular basis to see the effects. Other known preventions that are good for remedying hyperpigmentation problems include the use of honey, milk, egg white and strawberries. This may be rubbed or made as a moisturizer.

In occasional situations that the uneven skin tone may be severe, one should consult a physician or dermatologist in order to know if there are certain medications that need to be taken. Surgeries and other dermatological procedures can also be done so that the problem may be eliminated in no time but this comes with a considerable cost. At the end of the day, it still boils down on how one takes care of his own skin.