UMAC CORE Marine Phytoplankton Review


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UMAC stands for Unique Marine Algae Concentrate.  UMAC CORE is made from salt-water algae that are undetectable to the naked eye.  With a unique and organic process this marine phytoplankton is cultivated and the nutrients are extracted in a form that can be used by the human body.  This pure and concentrated form is more easily absorbed and allows us to access the various elements our bodies require.

The back story of UMAC CORE involves shellfish farmer Tom Harper.  He developed a patented process for creating an algae paste, Alpha-3 CMP (now UMAC CORE’s key ingredient), which he fed to his shellfish.  Soon his shellfish were five times larger then the industry standard.

Later, Tom fell seriously ill and was given only months to live. He realized the connection between his unique shellfish seed and the medicinal properties found in many plants.  His health improved and he shared the paste with others who also experienced positive shifts in their health.  UMAC CORE was launched to share this opportunity for a new level of improved health with the world.

Many believe life began on the ocean floor.  The beginning of the food chain is Phytoplankton which can be thought of as the grass of the sea.  Containing an extremely high degree of nutrients, this is one of the most complete whole food superfoods in the world.  Collectively known as micro algae these single cell plants are responsible for making up to 90% of the Earth’s oxygen.

Relying solely on land-based food sources and supplements may lead to deficiencies.  You see, the composition of human plasma (the fluid surrounding cell membranes) is very similar to sea water.  Marine phytoplankton contains the micronutrients and electrolytes that human cell membranes need to carry out their metabolism.

Alpha-3 CMP, which stands for concentrated marine phytoplankton, contains a combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, chlorophyll, enzymes and cellular material which are not found in other sources.  Additionally it has powerful antioxidants which prevent cellular damage which can lead to disease.

These specific nutrients in minute trace amounts appear to contribute distinctive and enriching properties that promote and maintain optimum health, by boosting and supporting all systems.

The UMAC CORE marine phytoplankton manufacturing facility is located on the coast of Vancouver Island.   They are able to cultivate over 200 species of micro algae from the Georgia Straits.