Thumb Pain when Gripping

The hand is a very important body organ. It’s a very functional body part and it is the primary organ that is used for manipulation. If the hand is damaged or injured, it can become very inconvenient and it would be extremely difficult to move and do things. One of the things that can cause damage to the hands would be thumb pain.

The thumb is a part of the fingers, but it plays one of the major roles in hand control because its joint is directly connected to the wrist. This makes it very difficult for the hand to move without the thumb. But because of its prominent position and the frequent use of the thumb, it is very prone to damage and diseases. A common problem that many people experience is thumb pain when gripping.

Thumb Pain when Gripping: Why does it happen?

The thumb is seal of every grip. Without the thumb, a grip would be very weak and easy to break. But with the thumb’s resistive effort and opposing lock with the other fingers, a very strong force is exerted on an object and this keeps it within grasp. When one grips, the thumb exerts significant effort and the joint moves towards the pressure of the grip. If you are gripping and you feel a stinging pain in the thumb area or in the edge of the wrist, this can be very unpleasant.

But why does thumb pain take place when you grip? There are several reasons why this problem may happen, and for you to be able to get the treatment that you need, the root cause of your problem should first be diagnosed.

Thumb Arthritis

Thumb arthritis or arthritis of the thumb joint is not a very common problem as compared to arthritis of the knee. However, many people experience this even if they aren’t old. This is because the thumb is a very used joint and the excessive wear and use of the thumb just causes major damage on the joint. There are many causes for thumb arthritis to take place. The problem can be systemic where the body itself is attacking the joint. It can also be a physical problem where the synovial fluid of the joint has become completely worn and the joint can no longer move smoothly. No matter what the reason for the inflammation may be, as long as the thumb joint is inflamed, it is considered as arthritis.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel is a different condition than arthritis, primarily in that it’s not characterized by inflammation. The condition is not directly related to the thumb, but rather to the wrist. The carpal tunnel is what you call the narrow tunnel where the major veins on the wrist are located. This tunnel is found at the edge of the wrist on the wrist bone. The thumb is directly connected to this tunnel and so if the syndrome takes place, the thumb is also directly affected.

Carpal tunnel is characterized by the incorrect positioning of the wrist veins which creates a significant pain in the wrist and slightly immobilizes the hand. Some carpal tunnel sufferers find it tolerable and get well after some time, while others require constant treatment and even bracing to prevent pain and promote recovery.

How do you treat thumb pain?

If you experience thumb pain when gripping, you should find out the root cause of the problem and have it resolved with the assistance of medical practitioners. This is the only way for you to be able to overcome the pain of the thumb joint. You may use temporary pain relievers like ointments and drugs if you can’t stand the pain.