Tennis Elbow Treatment at Home

Sports are very popular especially for people who want to keep their body healthy and strong. These are recreational activities that require the strength and stamina of the body in order to play. They are usually associated with balls and hitting instruments like rackets, clubs, and bats.

A popular single or double team sport is tennis. It is played by hitting a tennis ball aimed to prevent the opponent from hitting it back. Points are achieved when a player successfully hits a ball and the opponent is unable to hit it back while the ball is considered inside the playing area. The players make use of a tennis racket to hit the ball.

The sport may be very fun and exciting to play, but there are also accidents or medical impairments that could occur from playing tennis. One such medical condition is having the tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is characterized by soreness on the outer part of the elbow. It is associated with playing tennis or other racket sports like badminton and table tennis. It is medically termed as lateral epicondylitis, which means the inflammation of the outside elbow bone. The symptoms of the condition are pain and tenderness on the outer part of the elbow, painful gripping and wrist movements, morning stiffness, forearm muscle tightness, and weakness of the wrist. People who have a tennis elbow usually find it difficult to move the affected arm, resulting to inability to work properly.

The tennis elbow can be diagnosed and treated easily. However, individuals who experience the symptoms of the condition should immediately consult a medical professional in order to quickly treat their tennis elbow.

Treatments that are useful in relieving the tennis elbow include medications, exercises, braces, and surgery. Anti-inflammatory drugs are usually given to people who have the tennis elbow to reduce the pain and swelling. Cortisone injections are also effective if lighter drugs do not work. Elbow braces can be worn to keep the elbow in place and prevent the condition from worsening. Exercises may also be given by doctors as a form of therapy to the patients.

For early stages of tennis elbow, ice packs or cold therapy may work to reduce the inflammation. Massage therapy is also important to restore the normal abilities of the elbow and enable the patient to regain elbow mobility. Adequate rest and supplementation should also be incorporated. In order for a patient to recover fully, he should eat healthy foods and avoid exhaustion or unnecessary workload. This ensures that his body has enough supply to cope with the healing process and naturally fight against the disorder.

The last resort for an unfortunate few is surgery. Removing a part of the damaged tendon or releasing the attachment of the affected tendon to the elbow are the usual surgical procedures that are 100% guaranteed to cure and correct tennis elbow. There are also other methods that are currently still being reviewed by researchers and professionals such as extracorporeal shock wave therapy and autologous blood injection. While these possible treatments are not yet verified and accepted, they show great potential in correcting the tennis elbow.

Sometimes there are accidents that cannot be avoided. Sometimes, even if the person is being cautious or careful, there are still unwanted events that occur and cause discomfort and pain to him. In facing these kinds of situations, one must always remember that the health is the most important factor to be considered. Profession, wealth, and other worldly aspects are not as valuable as the person’s life. Immediately seek help and treatment for any problems that are unusual or cause extreme pain. That way, more severe results will no longer take place.