Sinus Pain without Congestion Remedies

The nose is the most important respiratory part of the body because this is where air enters and exits the body. If there is no nose, it will become very difficult to perform optimal respiration. That is why it is important for you to take good care of your nose and make sure that you treat any problem or disorder which it may encounter.

However, some disorders in the nose may seem rather unusual or confusing. Usually, if there is nasal pain, there is nasal congestion, unless there is a significant source of pain like a broken nose from an accident or a similar condition. Nasal congestion is usually present when you have a cold, a nasal infection, or any other disorder related to the nose. It is mostly common to experience congestion whenever there is pain.

The nose is made up of several sinus cavities and these cavities are directly related to the nose. If there is nasal congestion, it is most likely that the sinuses are also painful and affected by the problem. But there are some times when the presence of sinus pain is unrecognized due to the fact that there is no nasal congestion. Since most people think that sinus pains are always associated with nasal congestion, experiencing sinus pain without congestion may seem rather unusual. That is why people feel like they need to be concerned with their current condition if they are experiencing this problem.

The truth is there are several possible causes why the sinuses may become painful even when there is no nasal congestion present. Before you assume that there is some problem in your sinuses or skull, you should first understand that it is very possible to have sinus pain without congestion and these causes may well be the reason why your sinuses are posing discomfort to you.

The sinuses are part of the nasal system, and sometimes when the nose gets irritated, it can get swollen and painful. The sinuses are affected by the inflammation of the nose, so if there is anything which may have caused a nasal inflammation or infection in your body, it is most likely the same reason why your sinuses are painful.

A post-infection sinus problem may also take place if you recently recovered from a viral or bacterial infection related to the respiratory system. Even if all other symptoms are already gone like the runny nose, nasal congestion, and sore throat, the sinus pain may still be present but this may also disappear after some time.

If you are having your period or if you are pregnant, unbalanced hormonal activity may also affect the sinuses. Typically, during pregnancy, this is caused by the increased blood flow in the body which causes the capillaries to swell. This is also the reason why most pregnant women snore. The blood vessels in the nasal and sinus systems are affected and the increased pressure may cause pain and discomfort. However, after the period or pregnancy, these sinus pains usually also disappear.

Nasal septum deviation or the abnormal construction of the nasal septum may also cause severe sinus pain. This is a more serious condition because it is a permanent physical abnormality. It can only be detected through the confirmation of an x-ray result showing that the nasal septum or nose cartilage is really irregularly shaped.

These main causes of sinus pain may take place even if nasal congestion is not present. In such case, you may need to seek the advice of a medical professional or just perform some simple home remedies to eliminate the pain that you are experiencing in your sinuses.