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Scars are completely natural bodily flaws which occur when we have been wounded. The repair that the skin undergoes after the wound creates a new layer, a different skin layer which has no hair follicles, no sweat glands, and a completely different appearance. There are some scars that have lighter color than the original skin shade, and most of the time these light scars are lumpy. They are commonly called as keloidal scars. On the other hand, common scars are darker than the natural color of the skin, making them extremely visible and unsightly especially on noticeable areas like the face, arms, and legs. Stretch marks are also a different kind of scar which only develops in the deeper skin layers, and not on the surface. This makes treating stretch marks comparably more intricate and difficult as that of treating ordinary scars.

Some people can live with their scars, especially if they aren’t very visible. Tiny scars or scars in hidden areas of the body can be acceptable, but there are still some who don’t want to endure having these marks of accidents or wounds for the rest of their life. Others aspire to have as flawless and as beautiful skin as possible, so they want all of their scars gone. Although there are a lot of different ways to remove scars, one of the safest, easiest, and most affordable methods that you can do to eliminate those unsightly scars of yours is by using a scar bleaching cream.

Scar bleaching creams are very popular all over the world. They are ordinary skin care products which you can find in almost any beauty shop or drug store. Scar bleaching creams are mostly used only for dark scars like acne scars and ordinary dark wound scars, and not for keloids or stretch marks. However, some people use scar bleaching creams for stretch marks saying that the bleaching effect can reduce the discoloration brought about by the stretch marks.

There are hundreds of scar bleaching creams all over the world, but there are some important guidelines that you should observe when you’re going to buy such a product. First, what are these products for? Scar bleaching creams are used only for the lightening of scarred skin which has turned dark because of the scar. Dark scars are very common especially when you get shallow and small wounds. Acne also causes dark scars which can be very undesirable, especially because they are on the face. These creams are formulated to eliminate the darkening caused by the scars and to even out the skin tone to make the skin more beautiful and presentable.

There are a lot of different ingredients that different products use for their scar removal. Bleaching creams mostly use skin lightening substances which are scientifically proven to have whitening effects on the skin. Hydroquinone is one of these ingredients. Although it has been banned, hydroquinone is still available over the counter at concentrations no more than 2%. This means less than 2% hydroquinone content in a product makes it completely legal and safe to use. Other ingredients for the removal of scars are kojic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, and arbutin – all of which are melanin-inhibiting substances which stop the production of the dark pigment in the skin.

When using these products, it is important to be smart and knowledgeable. It’s advisable to first research about the different choices and options that you can avail and according to the reviews and testimonials that you have read about the different products, weight them and choose which one will really work well for you.