Quick and Easy Exercise Ideas

Family exerciseWe all get told that we should increase our exercise levels and start getting out and about more, but for those of us who’ve never exercised before or who have never been to the gym, that can seem like a really difficult thing to do. You’re not alone – the very idea of exercising for an hour a day seemed impossible to me, too! Over 50% of people who have a gym membership never turn up. Below I’ve taken a look over some easy ways to start exercising (all of which are either free or really cheap!) and I also give you my honest review of the Wii Fit game.

Play in the Park

An easy way of getting the whole family involved in exercise is to go to the park. There are so many games that you could play there, you won’t run out of ideas – try playing rounders, catch, cricket, soccer, hide and seek, tag, and do fun races like the egg and spoon or stepping in hoops. All of these games are fun, take barely any preparation and you can also include the whole family. If you don’t have children, try taking your dog for a walk – and if you don’t have one, ask your neighbors or family friends if you could walk their dog for them. When you have the responsibility of walking a dog, you’ll be far more likely to exercise frequently than if you don’t, because you don’t have the reason to get out of the house. You could also just go for a walk yourself in the evenings – give yourself half an hour out walking to help you burn off your dinner.

Get Swimming

Swimming is perhaps the best exercise that you can start doing if you’re new to exercise, because whilst it feels gentle when you’re in the pool, it works every single muscle in your body. Plus, if you’re self-conscious about the way you look, you can decide to go to the pool at a women’s-only or men’s-only time, which should help you to feel more confident. Most pools are also open until relatively late at night, which means that you can go pretty much whenever you have the chance. Swimming in a pool isn’t free, but if you live near to the beach, swimming in the sea definitely is.

Go for a Walk

As mentioned above, walking is a really easy way to begin exercising, and studies show that walking regularly outdoors can reduce your risk of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and catching a cold. If you don’t want to go outside of your house, just walking around the house and jogging up and down the stairs can really get your activity levels up.

Bike Ride

Riding a bike is a fantastic way of working out your legs, bum, thighs and arms. Plus, it’s suitable for all the family. Some of you may be new to cycling, so you should stick to relatively flat paths and areas and then move onto going up and down hills. This will really tone your legs and stomach as you work harder to move up inclines.

Have a Boogie

No doubt you’ve got a CD in your house that you consider your ‘guilty pleasure’ – a CD that when you listen to it, it makes you instantly happy. Well, put that CD on and get dancing! Just half an hour dancing round your living room can burn tons of calories, plus you’ll feel really happy at the end of it as you’ll be releasing endorphins.

Wii Fit

The Wii Fit game is one of the best innovations so far in home fitness. I use my Wii Fit Plus for half an hour, five times a week. It counts the minutes that you spend on the game and it gives you goals and various things to work towards, plus there is a special section that lets you choose workouts to target specific parts of your body that you may want to work on. There is a number of aerobic games on there, including rhythm boxing, a step class, rhythm kung-fu, and an obstacle course. There are also guided muscle workouts, yoga exercises and balance games to help with your center of gravity. Because you end up being focused toward bettering your score or beating other people that have used the game, you end up exercising without realizing that you’re doing so. I highly recommend the game, in particular the Wii Fit Plus as it does have more features. Buy it from www.amazon.com.