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Acne is one of the most common skin flaws that affect millions of people all over the world. It is one of the most undesirable skin problems that anyone can ever have especially because it is extremely noticeable. Especially for fair skinned individuals, having acne is like a curse that needs to be removed. A lot of people desire to eliminate their acne problems, but that isn’t very easy to do. Although there are a lot of acne treatments available in the market, acne isn’t a very simple skin problem that you can cure by just this and that. You need to first have the advice of a medical professional in order to know what treatment is best to take for your acne problem.

There are different effects of acne on the body. Depending primarily on the skin complexion, acne can be bright red, bloody red, and brownish in appearance. This is the first stages when the acne is still fresh and newly emerged. After some time and the pustules have erupted, the acne can become dark brown, dark red, or purple. The most annoying thing about acne is the marks that it leaves on the skin. Even if your acne has been long eliminated and cured, the pustules that have erupted leave very vivid marks on the skin – recessions and scars which are very difficult to eliminate.

Some acne marks are light brown in color, while others are very dark. There are also purple acne marks which are very prominent in individuals with light complexions. Purple acne marks can be very unsightly especially on light-skinned people, and they can be extremely irritating whenever you look in the mirror and view your reflection. But regardless of the color of the marks left on your face, the same treatment methods are used for all kinds of acne marks.

One of the most popular methods today which is used for many different skin renewal purposes is microdermabrasion. This process involves the use of a fine tipped tool which abrades the skin to eliminate the dead skin cells on its surface, scrubbing away the top surface of the skin and allowing the deeper and newer layers to take its place. Once the dead skin cells on the surface have been removed, the newer skin cells look more youthful and pleasing, making the skin smoother and hiding the scars and marks that acne has left behind.

There are also other methods that can be used to remove brown, red, or purple acne marks. Chemical peels are very effective, and just like microdermabrasion, the objective of these peels is to remove the topmost layer of the skin and allow new skin to take its place. The recessions brought about by the marks will also be removed, since the lower layers of the skin rise and replace the hollow areas brought about by the recesses of the skin. However, chemical peels are quite painful and harsh on the skin because of the different chemicals used to peel the skin’s topmost layer. Nonetheless, the pain is temporary and the effects are something better to look forward to.

Simpler methods like using acne scar fade creams are more affordable and easier to do, but they may not be able to produce as satisfactory results as that of clinical methods. Also, most scar creams take several months before they can actually produce any effects, making most consumers impatient with the use of these creams. But if you do find a cream that works well for your acne scars, you should stick with it.

Acne scars and marks may be an image of acne history, but by finding the best treatment process, you will find that these marks can be eliminated and you can have a fresh new start in facing the world.