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Having digestive problems is a very undesirable condition, especially if you find it difficult to eat and you feel discomfort at random times. There are a lot of digestive problems that can affect humans, but acid reflux must be the most common. Sometimes people experience acid reflux due to various momentary or temporary conditions, but there are also those who experience the problem frequently. But what is acid reflux and how do you prevent it?

Acid reflux is caused by the excessive amounts of acid in the stomach, causing these acids to rise up to the esophagus, resulting to heartburn, and eventually when it continues to the mouth, regurgitation. Vomiting and nausea are some other symptoms of the digestive problem. These can be very distracd\

ting especially when you are working, and sometimes you become completely unable to work because of the medical problem.

Nonetheless, there are several effective methods that can be done to prevent acid reflux and its undesirable effects. Many of these include the alteration of the diet and lifestyle. Since the medical problem is in the digestive tract, the foods that we eat are the greatest contributors to the disorder. Therefore, being careful about what we do and do not eat is the best way to prevent the problem.

Some of the foods that should not be eaten are basically acidic foods, since they can increase the amount of stomach acids in the body and worsen the effects of the disorder. Dairy foods and products such as milk, butter, ice cream, and cheese are very acidic foods that should be avoided if you do not want to have acid reflux attacks. If you do not have acid reflux yet, take these foods in moderation to prevent excessive acidity in the stomach.

Other acidic foods include tomatoes, tomato-based foods, citrus fruits, onions, beef, fried meat, pasta, coffee, chocolates, tea, carbonated drinks, liquor, oily, fatty, and sweet foods. These foods should be eaten in moderation and in the event that you already experience acid reflux, avoiding these foods should better be done.

Some eating habits should also be changed to prevent the onset of acidity and its effects. Eating in small amounts is one good way of preventing the overflow of stomach acids. Since the amount of foods in the stomach is only minimal at every one time, it is easier for the stomach to digest them. Not much effort is exerted by the stomach, and the amount of acid needed to digest them is minimal. But you need to eat as often as you desire in such situation to keep the stomach acids from building up due to the emptiness of the stomach.

Do not lie down after eating. Sleeping is also a very unadvisable action immediately after a meal. Try walking down the food you ate or doing something important to keep you busy. Staying upright after eating is necessary to allow the foods to be completely digested before you lie down, preventing the rising up of the stomach acids even at a lying position. Sleeping with the head elevated is also a good way of preventing regurgitation at night.

Smoking should be avoided if you don’t want to have acid reflux, and if you already have it, you should stop smoking immediately as it can cause the weakening of the esophagus as well as an increased amount of stomach acids.

Keeping track of your weight as the extra weight on your abdomen can push acids up to the esophagus. Wearing tight-fitting clothes and belts can also put pressure on the stomach, causing the rise of acids.

Lastly, try to relax. Stress is a great aggravator of acidity, and relaxing can very much help relieve the digestive problem as well as its side effects. If you live a healthy lifestyle, keep the body healthy, eat a well-balanced diet, and live a good and happy life, you will definitely be able to prevent any medical problems and disorders.