Poor Leg Circulation Remedies

The legs are found in the lower parts of the body. They are responsible for mobility and transportation which can be in the form of walking, running, jumping, hopping, etc. Since the legs are found in the lower part of the body, it is quite distant from the heart. Because of this distance between the heart and the legs, the blood circulation in the leg area is not as optimal as that of the other parts of the body closer to the heart. This leads to poor leg circulation.

What is poor leg circulation? Is it dangerous?

In the simplest sense, you will feel that the legs have poor blood circulation if they are cramping, painful, and swollen. You may also feel as though there are a thousand ants crawling all over your legs. This can be extremely uncomfortable and it may even lead to your difficulty in walking or moving using your legs. But poor leg circulation may be either a condition in itself or a symptom of a more serious disorder. Some of the common causes of poor leg circulation include heart diseases, arterial blockages, blood circulation problems, and other similar health disorders. In such case, it’s very important that you don’t neglect your leg circulation problems so that no complications may take place.

Poor Leg Circulation Remedies that You Can Use

  1. Compression Footwear – athletes use compression socks or stockings in order to increase circulation in the legs, thereby increasing their mobility and body movement. If you frequently experience problems with poor leg circulation, you should wear compression footwear especially if you’re sleeping, staying still, seated, or standing for a long time. You should only wear compression footwear if you’re going to stay still for a long while or if you’re going to perform very strenuous leg activities like running.
  2. Stop Smoking – smoking is very bad for the health not only in circulation, but mostly for respiration. However, smoking directly affects the body’s capacity to increase blood flow. Smoking can harden blood vessels and arteries, making blood circulation difficult for the heart to perform.
  3. Increase Water Intake – water helps the blood flow throughout the body. Drinking more water will also help keep the heart healthy and the body hydrated.
  4. Exercise – exercise is a very important activity that every person should observe even with good health. But for poor circulation, exercise will definitely do a lot of good. By exercising, the blood is allowed to circulate better and the heart pumps harder, giving the body the optimal blood circulation that it needs.
  5. Massage – massaging the legs will ensure that the blood is circulating properly. The stroke of the massage should be downward from the thighs to the feet because you are aiming to make the blood flow to go down better.
  6. Foot Spa – performing a routine foot spa every week or so is very good for the blood circulation in the legs. Soak the legs in warm water for several minutes to an hour. This allows blood to circulate better and enhance blood movement in the legs.
  7. Healthy Diet – fruits and vegetables are very good for improving blood circulation, especially green leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits. Fiber is also very good for the health, and it eliminates the many blockages and clogs in the body, promoting better overall circulation.
  8. Eat Garlic – garlic is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world and you can eat these or add them in all of your dishes to help improve your blood circulation.
  9. Lose Weight – if you’re overweight, you may need to lose some weight because this significantly contributes to the circulation of blood in the body.