Paraffin Bath Review

Joint pain and discomfort is a very common medical problem especially in individuals who are aging and those who have been exposed to a lot of joint and muscular stress. Athletes, apart from old people, are the most susceptible to this kind of disorder.

There are a lot of ways that people can find treatment for joint pains. However, most of these treatments and solutions are not very efficient and they can even have side effects. The most common solution to joint pain is over the counter medications which include non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, steroids, and other pain killers. There are also joint pain solutions in the form of herbal or natural solutions like alternating warm and cold compresses, herbs and organic foods, and other home remedies that have been long known to reduce and ease the pain and discomfort of joint problems.

One of the simplest home remedies which have been used for a long time in easing the pain of joints especially arthritis is the paraffin bath. This kind of method makes use of paraffin wax, the same wax which is used for candles and crayons. In a paraffin bath, the wax is melted and cooled to a temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This melted solution is what you will use to cover your joints completely to provide the ease and comfort that you are looking for.

Before you can perform the paraffin bath, there are some important things that you need to know. First, paraffin baths are only used for the hands and feet. Sometimes, it can also be used for elbows and knees, but this can be quite difficult to perform. Therefore, paraffin baths are especially effective for joint problems like gout, arthritis of the hands and feet, and even sore hand or foot joints.

The second thing that you need to know is the complete set of materials that you will be using to be able to perform a paraffin bath successfully. You will need several pounds of paraffin, probably around 3 pounds. You will also need a paraffin bath tub which you can buy in most home equipment stores and even on the internet. The efficiency of the paraffin bath will not be affected by the tub used, but it is best to use a real paraffin tub which is specifically designed for this purpose since there is no chance of breakage or other problems related to the heat or composition of the paraffin.

Apart from the tub and paraffin wax, you will also need a candy thermometer, plastic bags, and bath towels. The candy thermometer will be used for measuring the temperature of the paraffin bath. This is very important because if you dip your hand in a solution that’s too hot, you can burn yourself. The plastic bags and bath towels should be allotted for each hand and foot that you want to treat. So if you want to treat all feet and hands, you should prepare four towels and plastic bags.

Now you have to melt the wax in the pot or bath. Let it cool and measure the temperature. Once it has reached 125 degrees or lower, you can now perform the bath. Simply dip the hands or feet that you want to cure with the bath several times in the paraffin wax. Always follow the mold of the first dip to ensure that the wax is coated equally. Afterwards, wrap the hand and feet with plastic bags and then cover with towels. You can also perform the 20-minute dip where you leave your hand in the wax. After both treatments, peel off the paraffin.

Paraffin baths are efficient  for joint pain and it’s so easy to perform so you can do it anytime you want as long as you have everything you need.