Painful Thumb Joint Relief

There are several different joints in the body and each and every one of them is an essential part in enabling the body to move optimally. Mobility is an important function of the body because it allows people to be able to perform the different tasks that they need to do. But if there is a problem in one of these different joints, the ability of the individual to move is greatly compromised. One of the hardest parts of the body to become damaged is the hand because this is one of the most used parts of the body when it comes to optimal movement.

The major joints in the hand are found in the fingers. Each finger is made of up to four joints from below the fingernails to the knuckles. The thumb is the finger with the largest joint in the hand, and this is the basal thumb joint. This joint is very important in ensuring the optimal mobility of the hand because if the basal thumb joint gets damaged, it can make your hands completely painful and unable to move properly.

The thumb joint enables you to move your hand properly and this is also the most important joint that you use when you grip. But there are times when some of the body just gets damaged and the thumb joint isn’t an exception. When you experience thumb joint pain, this can greatly disable you and you may find it difficult to do some very important tasks like driving, typing, handling a mobile phone or other small gadget, and even making hand gestures. When this happens, your entire daily routines may be completely hampered and you end up unable to do anything properly.

There are many causes for a painful thumb joint. You may have basal thumb joint arthritis, thumb arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. These disorders are not easy to treat but they can be completely curable as long as you perform the right treatment measures. The simplest method to relieve the pain of these disorders is by using a pain reliever like a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, a corticosteroid drug, or a prescription medication if the pain is extreme. However, simply taking these pain relievers does not really solve the problem. You need to take more drastic measures to be able to overcome these disorders.

In solving a painful thumb joint, you need to perform many safety measures to protect it. Increasing stress and tension to the joint can be very unhealthy and it can worsen the condition. You need to rest the joint and avoid using it. As much as possible, you should wrap it to protect the surrounding tissues and prevent any pressure from affecting it. You should also apply alternating warm and cold compresses to the joint to eliminate the inflammation and allow the pain to subside.

You may also use topical pain relievers in eliminating the pain of the joint without causing side effects to your internal body systems. There are also exercises that you can perform in order to eliminate the disorder. You can have physical therapy treatments and therapeutic massages, or you can even have acupuncture to release the pain and allow the damaged joint to heal. Take note that rest and therapy are the best solutions for eliminating any kind of thumb joint pains.

Don’t forget that a doctor’s advice is always best in such cases, and getting the opinion of a professional will help you deal with the problem better. If despite all the treatments, your thumb is still painful, you may need to undergo more serious treatment procedures like surgery to repair the joint.