Natural Health and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or ED as it is also called is the consistent inability to obtain or maintain a satisfactory erection for sexual function. This condition is very common and affects almost 40% of men in their 40’s and over 60% of men in their 70’s. This means there are nearly 20 million men in the US living with it. The number is estimated to be 152 million world-wide.

Therapy for ED ranges from pills to pumps to surgical implants. Men have historically avoided seeking treatment due to the embarrassment and negative stigma attached to ED. It has been reported that less than 5% of with condition seek treatment. However treatments have recently gained mainstream popularity and advertising. The increased public awareness has resulted in a better understanding and acceptance of the problem. There are real solutions available for men today and they no longer have to suffer in silence or feel needlessly humiliated.

Erectile dysfunction was commonly referred to as impotence, but the term has been rejected due to its negative connotations and its ambiguous meaning. ED more accurately reflects the nature of the condition and places less emphasis on intercourse.

While all men will experience some degree of erectile difficultly at some point, erectile dysfunction is characterized by the problem being chronic and reliable. It is often related to vascular, neurological and hormonal disorders. Diabetes is the most common condition found to lead to erectile dysfunction and nearly 50% of diabetic patients are found to have ED to some extent.

Natural health treatments like VigRX Plus use ingredients such as blends of herbs to offer an organic alternative to prescription drugs like Viagra or Cialis.

While oral therapy has become very popular in recent years, they unfortunately do not always work. In these cases vacuum erection devices or injection therapy is considered. These are cylinders that go over the penis and create an erection by using suction to draw blood into it. A ring is then placed at the base to maintain the erection during intercourse and it is removed afterwards.

In addition to pills, sex therapy is another one of the best natural health treatments for erectile dysfunction. Sex therapy is effective when the nature of the condition lies in psychological factors like depression or anxiety. The resulting stress and anxiety of ED only exacerbates the problem, so talking to a therapist can be very beneficial. Still the counselor needs to be specially trained and sensitive to this common, but still very embarrassing health issue.