Natural Cure for Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is one of the most unwomanly ailments that a female can have. It’s not only humiliating, it’s uncomfortable as well. Although there are several medical treatments for this medical problem, there are also home remedies and natural cures for it. It’s better to incorporate both natural and medicinal cures for any medical problem, as this can increase the speed and effectiveness of the treatment and the problem will be eliminated faster.

For yeast infection, several home remedies and natural cures are known not only through old wives’ tales and word of mouth, but also through medical proofs and doctors’ research. One of the well-known natural ways of treating yeast infection is by using yogurt. Since yogurt contains bacteria that naturally kill yeast, applying yogurt on the affected area will do well to eliminate the infection. Better yet, use a tampon and dip it in yogurt. Insert it in the vagina for a while and remove it without washing so that the yogurt can work in and out of the affected area.

Garlic is also an excellent natural cure for yeast infection because of its anti-fungal properties. You can also use garlic as an insert by wrapping it in cheesecloth and tying it with unwaxed floss. Leave some floss so you can pull it out later. Let it stay for several hours, like overnight so you wouldn’t feel the discomfort. There are also garlic inserts sold commercially, but you have to make sure that the one you get is natural. Anyway, the real garlic is much cheaper and it’s a lot safer than commercial ones.

Apple cider vinegar is another fungi killer, and it’s well-known for its healing properties for different ailments. Use the vinegar as a wash by diluting it in water. Pure vinegar may cause burning because of the acidity, so always add water to the solution. Also, never use white vinegar or sugar cane vinegar because it has different properties and white vinegar can only worsen fungal growth.

There are also some lifestyle changes that should be observed in order to successfully eliminate yeast infection. One of these is by wearing comfortable cotton underwear. Also, avoid wearing tight bottoms, especially jeans which can be quite uncomfortable and even harsh on the genital area. Using too many cosmetic products on the body especially while bathing can destroy the natural balance of the woman body, and promote further infection.

Wash the area frequently. Yeast is a fungi and it thrives in warm and damp areas. When you wash the genitals with cool water, you eliminate the natural environment of the yeast growth, reducing their reproduction and eliminating them eventually. Drinking a lot of water is helpful as well, as water can naturally eliminate impurities in the body. This also works for infections.

Sugar and yeast are yeast-promoting agents therefore should be avoided if you have an infection. Breads and sweets are best eliminated in the diet, and eat more dairy products like milk and yogurt. Gentian violet can be used as a swab to treat the affected area. This can be bought in many drugstores. Use a pad after applying, though, as it stains everything it comes in contact with.

Tea tree oil is a natural anti-fungal fluid that can be used to eliminate yeast infection. You can use it as a topical treatment, a douche, or you can add it to your diet, but it would be much better to do all three to increase the speed of killing the fungi.

If you have yeast infection and you’re too ashamed to go to a doctor or tell your family about it, these are some of the most effective methods you can use to cure the fungal problem on your own.