Natural Appetite Suppressants that Work

A lot of people today are suffering because of obesity and overweight problems. Because the world has become a very shallow place and everyone in it has become prejudiced, it’s hard to live normally if people don’t see you as normal. People who have weight problems desire to become thin so much that they use different products and they undergo different procedures just to be able to lose their extra weight. One of the popular methods used today in conjunction with weight loss is appetite suppression.

As what can be understood from the term itself, appetite suppression is the act of suppressing your appetite. Suppressing in this context is different from controlling. While controlling your appetite may be good for you because you are able to stop yourself from eating everything that you want to get your hands on, suppressing your appetite is very different. When you suppress your appetite, you don’t just control – you suffocate the appetite. This is done by a lot of overweight people in aim to stop themselves from eating which will thereby help them lose weight faster.

Is appetite suppression good for weight loss?

Yes. In fact, it is highly suggested by many dieticians and nutritionists. No matter how much exercise you do, even if you follow everything by the book, if your appetite is uncontrollable, you will surely lose yourself in the diet and eventually go back to your favorite foods, sweets, candies, chocolates, and high calorie carbs.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

One of the popularizing methods of suppressing the appetite is through the use of natural appetite suppressants. Many artificial appetite suppressants have been released and developed by different industries, including medical and alternative medicine industries. But these artificial suppressants are not always safe to use especially for those who will only be trying to lose weight for the first time. Also, some artificial appetite suppressants use chemicals which can have unpleasant side effects for the body, that’s why most people decide to use natural appetite suppressants that work just like these artificial ones, and even better.

  1. Vegetable and Fruit Juice – vegetables and fruits are very good for the health and they don’t have much calories to add to your weight. They are also very filling so there’s no doubt that fresh and tasty vegetable and fruit juices will do the trick.
  2. Oats, Wheat, and Cereal – oats, wheat, and cereals are like bread. They can expand in the stomach and make you feel like you’re full.
  3. Vegetable Soup – if fresh juice is too hard for you to swallow down, you can just cook it and add some spices to turn it into soup. Eating an entire bowl of vegetable soup accompanied with wheat bread will be a good lunch diet plan.
  4. Vegetable Salad – if you prefer raw but not juiced, why not try salad? Greens are perfect to add in a salad along with some raw root crops like carrots and beets.
  5. Water – water is the perfect filler. If you want to suppress your appetite, all you have to do is drink a glass of water right before a meal and drink another glass after meals. You can also drink water between meals to prevent quick hunger calls.
  6. Coffee – one of the best appetite suppressants is coffee. However, you shouldn’t drink coffee like you would water. Limit two cups of coffee a day to keep your overall health in balance.
  7. Hoodia Gordonii – this herb has been long known to work as a very effective appetite suppressant. You can get this in the form of pills or tablets.