Natural Antacid Remedies

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Reflux relief using 3 common grocery store items.

What do you do the moment you have heartburn or acid reflux? Do you right away reach out for your usual medication? Don’t you know that there are natural antacid remedies that can help you feel better? Try them first and find out how you can benefit from these natural medications.

The instance heartburn strikes, reach out for some aloe vera. This substance is good in coating and healing your digestive tract. Two cups of aloe vera juice taken thrice every day is a natural power house that is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It is perfect in boosting your immune system. Try munching on raw almonds. They’re sweet but not bitter to the taste. Almonds are oily but rich in calcium and antioxidants which will help relieve you of heartburn. Another natural way of treating acid reflux is to drink juice from carrots, cucumber or radish. Vegetables are high in alkaline and rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals for overall health.

When life becomes so hectic we sometimes take our health for granted. Common sense should tell us that prevention is always the best medicine and the best way to stay fit. When it comes to acid reflux, you have to repeatedly find treatment to prevent it from recurring. Otherwise it will damage your esophagus and further weaken your muscle flaps that prevent food and acid from rising up. Without a strong muscle flap you will always experience heartburn or hyperacidity. Take care of heartburn before it becomes so bad for you. Go over this information and see how it can change your life.
Stay away from foods rich in spice and acid. These ingredients will only aggravate your health condition. Stop drinking alcohol and sodas. Instead drink lots of water or fruit juices. This way you get rid of stomach acid at the same time, a healthier you! Time and again, you have been told to quit smoking! This time you really have to. There are no benefits that you get from smoking. If you are a coffee lover, you will have to sacrifice a little. Limit to drinking your favorite beverage to one cup every day. The acid and caffeine in the coffee will further irritate your esophagus and will continue to contribute to heartburn and hyperacidity.

Get into the habit of drinking one tall glass of water each time you finish your meals. Water helps to get rid of acids and toxins in your body and helps to digest your food. A teaspoon of honey helps to prevent flare-ups. Honey is known to cure the esophagus; you might as well take it before going to bed. Don’t be in a hurry to finish your food. Eat your food slowly, chew on them thoroughly. Eating this way helps soften your food at the same time you also lose weight. It is also a good idea to maintain a record of what you have eaten and when you have heartburn attacks. Discover what causes your flare-ups the moment you start eating food. Make a note of the food and find out your reactions to it.

Antacids offer relief every time you have heartburn. They are so popular because they offer quick relief. But you have to careful in constantly using the antacids because of their side effects. The active ingredients in these medicines may be harmful for your body. So the next time, heartburn strikes are you going to reach out for your antacids and pop them into your mouth instantly? Think of the alternative ways that you can relieve yourself and consider the benefits you get from them.