Multiple Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are very common and many people have experienced their pain. If you have experienced having the stone, then you must know that a person who has had a single stone in his kidney, even if he passed it successfully, has a higher rate of getting more in the future. Multiple kidney stones may develop at different periods of time or even altogether at a single time.

Having multiple kidney stones is a big problem as it can cause worse pains for an individual. There are times when one kidney has several small stones and some big stones, or both kidneys with several small and large stones, or a stone each. When there are stones in both kidneys, there are higher tendencies of more dangerous effects in the health.

Pain can be more extreme, especially if a stone has passed in either side of the ureter and blocked the urinary tract. More bleeding and worse infections may occur. The pain that is associated with kidney stones become worse as both sides of the lower back, both sides of the lower abdomen, and the groin are all affected by the pain.

It is also more difficult for the kidneys to function when there are stones at either side. This is because the filtering of the blood that can be performed properly at least by one kidney can no longer be done, and the filtering of the blood becomes ineffective. This may result to other problems, and increase the toxicity of the blood.

The treatments for single kidney stones are pretty much the same as for multiples kidney stones, but the procedures are heavier and more intense. Home remedies should probably be doubled to increase the chances of the elimination of the stones.

Drinking water is the most advised method to naturally dissolve kidney stones. The average 12-15 glasses of water should be maintained, along with a clean diet free from salty foods, animal proteins, and other sources of kidney stones. Exercising even more vigorously, taking brisk walks, jogging daily, and keeping a regular workout routine is very useful in dissolving stones in the kidneys.

Orange juice is also a very effective stone eliminator because the citrate found in citrus fruits is a good inhibitor of stone formation in the kidneys. Although all citrus fruits have citrate, oranges have the highest concentrations of the substance, as well as lemons. Lemonade and orange juice are perfect alternatives for water as a daily beverage, and increasing the intake of these juices to 6-8 glasses a day would increase the chances of successfully dissolving the stones.

Avoid all the foods that should not be eaten if kidney stones are present. Beans, beets, green peppers, spinach, cocoa, chocolate, tea, peanuts, peanut oil, salt, meat, wheat bran, soft drinks, celery, celery, dark leafy green vegetables, parsley, fruit cake, eggplant, coffee, leeks, nuts, nut butter, okra, strawberries, rhubarb, sweet potatoes, sugar, fats, and soy products are some foods high in oxalate and therefore should be avoided completely. Also, purine-rich foods should be eliminated in the diet if the cause of stones is uric acid. Some of these include anchovies, brains, gravies, kidneys, liver, sardines, sweet breads, asparagus, bacon, beef, cauliflower, chicken, codfish, crab, duck, halibut, ham, lamb, lentils, lima beans, lobster, mushrooms, oatmeal, oysters, peas, pork, salmon, shellfish, spinach, trout, tuna, and turkey.

Along with all these, frequent visits to the doctor should be maintained so that the condition of the stones in the kidneys will be monitored. In the case of very serious stone problems, surgical methods might be necessary. Nevertheless, natural methods are still important and helpful in keeping stone problems from getting worse.