Male Yeast Infection Treatment for Men

Yeast infections are usually associated with women, and most people think that only women can have them. But like other sexually transmitted diseases, a woman can pass the infection to her male partner through sexual intercourse. This can be a very bad condition, apart from both of you having the infection. Males who have yeast infection feel threatened with their manhood, thinking they might need to cut it off or they might become impotent if it doesn’t get treated immediately.

The truth is, yes, that can happen to you if you don’t do something to treat your infection. If the infection becomes too severe, you might become impotent and you can even die from it. That is why you need to act on the problem immediately and see a good doctor, even if she’s a woman, so you can get the appropriate treatment for your terrible disease.

Yeast is usually a good fungus that’s present in almost any damp, moist, and warm place. While yeast is good for the production of foam in beers and bubbles in champagne, it can be bad if it goes in the wrong places and affects the wrong objects.

Penile yeast infection is caused by the fungus Candida, and it can cause many other medical problems if it goes affecting other parts of the body, like the gastrointestinal tract. But on the penis, Candida causes an infection that results to the swelling, itching, and reddening of the male reproductive organ. The skin can become flaky and dry, and a white fluid may come out of the penis. The head of the organ is the most irritated part as it is the itchiest and reddest of all. Burning and itching sensations can also be felt at the anus, and rashes may also appear on the foreskin and shaft of the organ. The redness may extend to the scrotum and thighs.

However, yeast infections aren’t just caused by sexual intercourse. Prolonged intake of antibiotics can kill essential bacteria on the penis, allowing the invasion of yeast. Diabetes makes urine high in sugar levels, and this can cause bacterial and yeast growth. Frequent masturbation is also a cause of the infection, as well as poor personal hygiene. Whichever the cause may be, male yeast infection treatments in men are all the same.

To start treating your unmanly disorder, avoid eating foods with yeast like breads, beer, fruit skins, grapes, plums, malt drinks, monosodium glutamate, pretzels, soup, soy sauce, doughnuts, cakes, and other similar foods. It is also good to sweep away the bacteria and impurities in the body, and by doing so, the yeast is also eliminated. Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, lean meats, and herbs and spices which are beneficial for the health. Garlic is one of these, and yogurt is too. Yogurt has good bacteria that can fight off the yeast and restore the bacteria on the penis that protects it from infections.

Coconut oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil, and cinnamon oil are some of the effective oils that can help eliminate yeast infections. As for coconut oil, you can take it orally in capsule form, but for all these oils it is better to apply it topically, massaging and vigorously and generously applying the oil on all the affected areas. Vinegar is also an effective remedy. Try bathing with vinegar in the water, preferably apple cider.

Another topical treatment is anti-fungal creams which are applied directly on the affected areas. There are also oral medications that will most probably be prescribed by a doctor as soon as you get diagnosed with the disease.

If you’re a male and you happen to have yeast infection, don’t be afraid about the effects that it can cause your manhood. Yeast infections have a high cure rate and if you find cure as soon as symptoms appear, it might not take too long for you to completely be cured from it.