Lower Blood Pressure Quickly

Having high blood pressure is a very troublesome health problem. You have to limit your activities, observe your heart rate or pulse, avoid feeling intense emotions like anger, excitement, and surprise, and avoid exhaustion. Despite the many restrictions that hypertension has created for your daily activities, there are still some ways for you to be able to manage your high blood problem and at least do some of the things that you enjoyed doing before you were diagnosed with hypertension.

In order to lower blood pressure quickly, you have to practice lifestyle changes and dietary alterations. The best way to start is by setting a permanent exercise routine which will be done daily. Aerobic exercises are the best forms of physical exercise that provide the best benefits for lowering blood pressure. Having at least 30 minutes to an hour of active aerobic exercises would do great to normalize the circulation of blood and prevent the occurrence of hypertension.

Avoid eating foods high in sodium, fat, cholesterol, and oils. Sodium is one of the major causes of high blood pressure in some people, while fats, cholesterol, and oils can also be cause for the disorder. Foods high in sodium include breads, sweets, desserts, and red meats.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C. Citrus fruits are the most common sources of high vitamin C levels. Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and pineapples can be eaten, juiced, or made into smoothies. They are not only delicious, they are also very good for regulating blood pressure levels.

Foods high in potassium are also useful in normalizing the circulation of blood. Some of these include bananas, meat, poultry, fish, spinach, potatoes, and tomatoes. Calcium-rich foods are also found to have beneficial effects in the health of a person with high blood pressure. Dairy products are the best source of calcium, but make sure that you only get low-fat or non-fat dairies like milk, cheese, and yogurt. Magnesium is also a good mineral for hypertension, and foods which have high amounts of this mineral include artichokes, halibut, barley, buckwheat, oats, whole wheat, almonds, spinach, and tomatoes.

Stress should be prevented, so always take breaks if you feel burnt out or tired. Because stress is one of the major causes of hypertension, it is not good for you to experience it especially during work hours. If you get a hypertension attack at the office, you will not be able to work properly, and you might even cause a commotion. Try to relax everytime you feel tired, and eat or drink something calming like a cup of herbal tea or a bar of dark chocolate. These can help lower your blood pressure significantly and prevent the onset of a hypertension attack.

Drink a lot of water. Water is very good for the health, regardless of your health condition. It will wash away the impurities in your body, smoothen the flow of blood in your blood vessels, and eliminate substances which can be harmful to your health. You also have to avoid unhealthy vices like smoking and drinking. These are known aggravators of hypertension, and continuing them will only worsen the medical condition despite other lifestyle changes and dietary alterations.

There are also medications for high blood pressure. Diuretics, alpha blockers, and beta blockers are some of these. Diuretics make you urinate often, which allows the body to wash away salts and impurities. Alpha blockers stimulate active blood circulation, lessening the pressure on the blood vessels, and normalizing blood flow. Beta blockers reduce the rate of heart beat, making the flow of blood slower, therefore producing less pressure to the veins.

If you have high blood pressure, it is important that you get the appropriate treatment that you need. Seek the advice of a medical professional immediately and follow the lifestyle and dietary guidelines mentioned so that you can also help yourself alleviate the adverse effects of hypertension.