Low Back Pain Remedy

People have a lot of pains and aches, and some of them may be worse than others. One of the most common complaints of many people who are aged, injured, or sometimes worn out and tired is that their lower back is aching. The lower back is a much abused part of the body especially when it comes to carrying loads, because the force of the load usually rests on it. If a person doesn’t exert effort using his lower back, the load will rest mainly on his arms, causing him to release the load.

Lower back pains can be caused by different factors. Most of the time, carrying extremely heavy loads is the cause of this ailment. Injuries, accidents, old age, and strains are also some of the factors that cause lower back pain. Despite the cause, every individual who experiences such pain feels great discomfort and immobility, as certain movements can cause extreme surges of pain, and a person can only stay in specific positions where he feels the least pain.

If the pain is only located in the lower back and it does not extend to other parts of the body, it can be remedied by several easy methods. However, if the pain travels from the lower back to the abdomen and groin, this may be a sign of kidney stones. On the other hand, if the pain travels from the lower back to the thighs and knees, this can be assign of a different health problem. This needs to be relayed to a medical professional for assessment and proper diagnosis.

Some of the ways which you can use to find relief from low back pain include massages, therapies, and exercises. Acupuncture is a good low back pain remedy that has been used for various body aches and pains throughout the years. It has been proven that regular acupuncture therapy is a good treatment for chronic lower back pain, and it can reduce the pains of recurrent attacks.

Using ointments and creams is also a good way to reduce pain. Capsaicin cream is an all-around pain reliever because its primary effect is inhibiting the transmission of substance P from the nerves to the brain. Substance P is the one responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. Without substance P, the brain will not be able to register pain from the area where the substance came from, and pain is virtually unfelt by the body.

Sleeping in a comfortable bed and using a comfortable pillow are also some very important ways to eliminate chronic back pains. If the pain is recurrent, a lifestyle factor may be causing it, and by using more comfortable objects for the body including the bed and pillow, there may be significant increase in the comfort level of the body, and the pain felt in the lower back may be reduced.

Applying alternating cold and warm compresses can be helpful in reducing pain in the lower back. Also, therapeutic massages can help in easing the pain in the lower back. You can also use medications. Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and muscle relaxants are also used for eliminating low back pain even for a short period of time. These drugs are not very advisable as they can have side effects to the health.

Natural remedies are also available which include natural plant extracts and organic substances like white willow bark, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, magnesium, red pepper, wintergreen oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil, horse chestnut, kava kava, bromelain, and devil’s claw. All of these may be naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and plants.

If you have low back pain and you’re looking for a remedy, you should first observe your daily habits because if it’s chronic, it’s highly likely that you’re doing something to cause it, like a daily activity, your sleeping position, or your posture. But if the pain doesn’t go away despite using different methods of treatment, consult your doctor immediately.