Lemonade and Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are very difficult to have, not to mention painful. The individual who suffers from this medical problem experiences an excruciating pain from the lower back traveling to the lower abdomen all the way to the groin. This pain is accompanied by painful urination, burning feeling while urinating, pus in the urine, blood in the urine, nausea and vomiting, fever, and chills. These symptoms are very painful and disturbing, and anyone who suffers from them will definitely want these pains and symptoms gone. To do that, the kidney stones should be eliminated.

There are several treatments that can be taken to help people with their kidney stone problems. Most of these come in the form of medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which help reduce the pain of having stones in the kidneys. Alpha-blockers are effective in allowing the stoned to pass through the urine and exhibit very few side effects. There are also natural ways of passing stones through urine, such as drinking plenty of water. Since the kidneys use water to dissolve and excrete the waste products of the body, water can easily dissolve the stones in the kidneys. But it should be drunk in plentiful amounts to effectively reduce the size of the stones.

Another good home remedy that is used to eliminate kidney stones is drinking lemonade. Lemons are popular citrus fruits, and citrate is an effective inhibitor of stone formation in the kidneys. This substance is found in almost all citrus fruits, and lemons are one of them. The citrate effectively inhibits the formation of kidney stones, reducing the size of the stones, and preventing them from growing any larger.

Other citrus fruits may have citrate, but lemons have been found to have the highest concentrations of the said substance. But there are also other citrus fruits like oranges that are said to have even more effectiveness in eliminating kidney stones. In making lemonade, use fresh lemons. Cut them in half and squeeze the juice while straining the seeds. Add water as according to your taste preferences. Do not use sugar as a sweetener, as sugar is also one of the causes of stone formation in the kidneys. Drinking at least two glasses of fresh lemonade daily is a good start for your stone reduction diet.

Lemons are only one way of reducing kidney stones, but it isn’t the complete package. Depending on it alone cannot really do much in reducing kidney stones especially if you still continue with your usual diet. There are many other methods to reduce the size of the stones in the kidneys. Most of them are home remedies and lifestyle alterations that should be done to cope with the problem. Apart from drinking water, avoiding salty and purine-rich foods are important in reducing kidney stones as they are the primary sources of calcium oxalate and uric acid, the most common substances that form into stones in the kidneys.

Keeping the body healthy is also a very good way of helping yourself eliminate the stones in your kidneys. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet, more on veggies and less on animal proteins. If you want alternative protein sources, nuts, and legumes are healthy substitutes. Although tofu is a good substitute for the nutrient, it is a source of oxalate, therefore it should be avoided.

If you follow these tips, you might discover a significant reduction in the amount and sizes of your kidney stones. However, if they still remain as they were or even grow bigger and greater in number, you might need to undergo surgical procedures in order to eliminate the unwanted particles.

Living healthy is one of the best ways to eliminate any health problem, and if you keep your lifestyle healthy and your body in good shape, you can pretty much make yourself immune from diseases like kidney stones.