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Have you been worrying about uneven skin tone? Are you seeking for a natural skin lightener that can even out your skin complexion? Then kojic acid may be a good solution for your problem. Kojic acid soap can be used alone to treat skin discoloration but a lot of women use the soap only as a part of their facial treatment. Over the years this has been used as an alternative to hydroquinone for its bleaching property and many women use it to treat hyperpigmentation as well as sun spots, freckles, liver spots and a number of other pigment problems related to skin health.

Kojic acid products are used in treating hyper-pigmentation which is a skin problem in which certain patches of skin get darker than the rest of the skin. Read our Meladerm review for more information on how the ingredient is incorporated in this fashion.  It can lower confidence and self- esteem because its appearance is not pleasing particularly on the face with yellow or brown patches of skin. It is generally caused by acne, sun damage, natural aging or hereditary. The most common treatment for hyperpigmentation is topical treatment to the skin since it’s the least invasive and more affordable than other options like skin surgery. The most common way to lighten the skin is through skin whitening products such as Kojic acid. Kojic acid is a natural product of few different types such as cream, soap and lotion.

Kojic acid was first discovered in a mushroom in 1989 and was found to be a great way to whiten the skin due to its property to inhibit pigmentation in plants and animal tissues. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a perfect ingredient to be used in soap.
Kojic acid soap should first be tested on a small area of the body to make sure that the skin does not become red, itchy, inflamed or tender. Using kojic acid may be the perfect solution to help the skin become vibrant and lighter in tone; other women with sensitive skin should test it first to make sure that it doesn’t irritate their skin. In some cases, women can experience dermitis.

The main whitening ingredient of Kojic Acid cream is kojic acid but generally in combination with other skin toning substances, such as liquorice. Creams are light with a non-greasy consistency and hence are easy to apply to the face. It is generally rubbed into the darkened area using gentle circular motions until it is all absorbed by the skin. Proper hygiene must be ensured like washing the hands after using kojic acid cream to avoid unintentional whitening of the hands.

Kojic acid lotion is often favoured over the kojic acid cream and soaps to treat individual areas of darkened and hyper-pigmented skin because they are quickly absorbed into the skin. Applying kojic acid lotion should be done by pouring a small amount to a cotton wool ball and dabbing the lotion gently over the patch of skin you want to treat. When used on the face you should be extremely careful especially when using near the eyes as the lotion can run and drip. A  slight stinging sensation may be experienced after using kojic acid lotion but this should fade after a few minutes.

Once you decide to use kojic acid then there is a need to stop using other skin products that contain other exfoliation ingredients such as salicylic acid, retinol or alpha hydroxy because using the both products in tandem can further aggravate and dry the skin.

Perhaps kojic acid is one of the best natural based lotions when it comes to skin lightening. And the beauty industry is in agreement with this since majority of lightening or whitening lotions have kojic acid in it. Other products even have kojic acid as the main active ingredient.