Kidney Stone Flush

Kidney stones are very undesirable foreign body invaders. They can cause great pain and discomfort to any individual. Because of this, there are many methods being discovered to eliminate these stones. But how do they actually get into the kidneys?

The kidneys are the organs responsible for filtering the blood and eliminating the impurities in it. The impurities collected by the kidneys are then passed to the urinary bladder to be excreted as constituents of urine. However, there are some substances that may be present in abnormally high amounts in the blood. When these substances are filtered by the kidneys, they can no longer be sent to the urinary bladder because of their excessive amount, and the tendency is for them to remain in the kidneys and eventually accumulate there. When they remain in the kidneys for a long while, they come together and form into solid particles, thus the formation of stones.

These stones are mostly calcium oxalates, uric acid crystals, cystine, and xanthine particles. There are many foods from which these may be derived, but salty foods are the major source of stone-forming calcium deposits. Purine-rich foods especially animal proteins are the highest source of uric acid. Other causes may be from other diseases and medical conditions.

When these stones form in the body, there may not be any apparent symptoms. But when a big stone passes from the kidney to the ureter, the urinary tract becomes blocked, resulting to the abrasion of the ureter as well as the infection of the urinary tract. Blood and pus appear in urine, as well as an extreme pain in the lower back extending to the lower abdomen all the way to the groin. This can be very discomforting, and the individual becomes fearful about his health condition.

There are many ways to eliminate kidney stones, but sometimes it is easier to go natural. A lot of doctors have discovered the different home remedies and natural methods which can flush kidney stones without the use of artificial or chemical methods. Kidney stone flush is even better than artificial methods, and there are many easy ways to do this.

Cola or carbonated drinks are said to have good effects in eliminating these stones. The concept behind this is that acidic substances are efficient in reducing the size and dissolving the stones in the kidneys. However, soft drinks are not advised to be taken regularly, as they have other effects in the body that may not be as beneficial as dissolving stones.

Lemonade and orange juice are two very popular stone dissolvers that have been scientifically proven to have excellent effects. The citrate in citrus fruits is a great acidic substance that inhibits the formation and promotes the reduction of the size of stones in the kidneys. Drinking at least two glasses of orange juice or lemonade daily is a good way to cleanse the kidneys, and these fruit juices are very refreshing as well. However, fresh and natural fruits should be used to produce the juices since these have the best effects.

Drink a lot of water. Water is the universal solvent and it has excellent dissolving effects in most substances, including kidney stones. Go on a diet with only water, lemonade, and orange juice as the beverages. But be sure to consume more water, and the preferred amount is 12-15 glasses a day.

Follow preventive measures and proper lifestyle that is fit for a person with kidney stones. Since you already know that you have them, prevent the further formation of these stones by avoiding salty foods, exercising regularly, eating fibrous foods, avoiding sweets, and maintaining proper calcium levels in the body.

Never take your health for granted because the body is the only real possession that no one can take away from us. Make sure that you take good care of your health and by all means prevent the occurrence of medical problems.