Is Milk Good for Heartburn?

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Heartburn – a condition that’s characterized by the presence of excess acid in the stomach, causing the acid to rise up to the esophagus. The condition is called heartburn because when the acid lingers in the esophagus, the acid creates a painful, burning sensation in the area. And because the esophagus is behind the heart, it feels as though the pain is coming from the heart. Thus, heartburn was the term used.

The Problems brought by Heartburn

Heartburn isn’t lethal, complicated, or impairing. However, it can greatly reduce your capacity in doing your job and performing your daily activities. When you experience heartburn, the painful burning sensation felt by your chest can become very uncomfortable. This may lead you to passing many social activities. If you are used to a Friday night out with friends, a heartburn problem can stop you from enjoying your ordinary routine. If you always have Sundays out with your family, you may prefer to stay home because of your heartburn problems. This condition isn’t always present but most of the time, every after eating, a chronic heartburn sufferer experiences attacks and feels the pain brought by the condition.

How do you treat heartburn?

There are a lot of ways to overcome heartburn problems. There are over the counter medications as well as prescription drugs which are especially formulated for this disorder. But there are also many natural cures and remedies to this problem. One of the native folk remedies for treating heartburn is by drinking milk. They say that if you drink milk before eating, the heartburn will not take place after you eat. A lot of people try this as their remedy for the said problem.

Is milk good for heartburn? Or does it make it worse?

Basically, milk is considered as something that you shouldn’t eat if you have heartburn. Milk is a dairy beverage, which means that it is full of fat. Fat is hard to digest, which can add strain to the digestion process of an already acidic stomach. On the other hand, there are some forms of milk which are said to have curative effects on heartburn. Whether this is true or not, it is unclear. But some people have already attested to the efficacy of milk as a natural remedy for heartburn.

Should I drink milk to get rid of my heartburn problems?

If you’re thinking about trying to drink milk for your heartburn problem, drink canned full cream milk before eating anything in the morning. Break your fasting with a small can of full cream milk and eat several minutes to an hour later. Some people say this is the real secret to the effectiveness of milk for heartburn problems.

What if milk worsens my heartburn?

If you followed the instructions given above, then you might not be responding well to milk. There are other natural remedies for you to try such as apple juice, apple cider vinegar, fennel seeds, and ginger tea. These are known natural treatments for heartburn and acid reflux, and they are very effective in helping you cope with the disorder.

Other Natural Remedies for Heartburn

  1. Don’t let your hunger pass. If you’re hungry, eat something, even soda crackers or biscuits. If you leave your stomach empty, it will produce more acid and this will worsen your condition.
  2. Avoid oily, fatty, spicy, and acidic foods. Fried foods, sweets, butter, icing, creams, spicy dishes, spicy sauces, tomato and tomato-based foods, and foods which are high in sodium content are not good for heartburn. Make sure to eliminate these from your diet.
  3. Eat small amounts frequently. You shouldn’t eat your normal 3 daily meal plan anymore. Make it 6 daily meal plan with each meal half the size of the original. This will make it easier for your stomach to digest the food.