Ionized Water Benefits

Water has come a long way commercially – bottled, distilled, purified, mineral-added, vitamin-enriched, flavor-enhanced, to name a few.  Electrolysis no longer applies to metals; it applies to water, too.  So now you have ionized water.

Ionized water is drinking water subjected to the process of ionization where the electric charge found within magnesium and calcium ions are agitated so the acid and alkali found in water are separated.  The water molecule clusters then become smaller, the oxidation reduction potential becomes negative, and the water becomes alkaline.

The result:  the Holy Grail of the water world.  A lot of ionized water drinkers have claimed that their ailments have been reversed by introducing only ionized water in the equation.  While this sounds like a commercial lure (and a hoax at best), there is continued interest in the benefits of ionized water to merit broader exploration of how else it could wash away the various ailments that plague humanity.  The following list is a sampling of the wonders it has done so far;

  • Ionized water has an extra electron that enables it to distribute oxygen efficiently throughout the bloodstream, while seeking out free radicals that stunt cell growth.  Oxygen efficiency is well-appreciated by our gray matter, and anti-oxidation works best with the rest of the cells for youthful glow and equitable amount of energy for longer periods;
  • Ionized water is three to six times more potent than regular water when it comes to hydration capability.  The ionized water’s philosophy of being small allows its molecules to get to electron-microscopic cracks and crevices that regular water molecules cannot penetrate.  This translates to lives saved in emergency situations where dehydration could be fatal.  Rehydration with ionized water can be done quickly and safely;
  • Where cosmetic problems arise, the enhanced hydration capability of ionized water is good for countering the dry skin effects of sunburn.  Rough skin is due to lack of moisture, and regularly drinking ionized water helps reduce roughness over time;
  • Because water molecules are smaller, vitamins that bind with water, like A, C and E, can be efficiently distributed to where they are most needed;
  • Since ionized water has antioxidant properties, they are increasingly being sought out by detoxifying enthusiasts.  Quite understandably, when water molecules can get to tighter spots, they invigorate nooks and crannies by supplying them with necessary nutrients, and flushing out toxins beyond the reach of regular water molecules;
  • Ionized water is alkaline.  This property excites men and women in white:  people from culinary and medical fields. In the kitchen, ionized water is said to improve the taste of food because of the absence of its acidic component.  In oncology units, the ionized water’s alkalinity drowns cancer cells.  Cancer cells thrive in acidic environment.  An alkaline water world is not their natural habitat.

While the above-listed benefits have not been thoroughly explored, documented or proven by the scientific community, there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence of the pros of drinking ionized water.

But while mega-liters are cranked in praise of ionized water, its benefits can be lost in a flash:

  • By drinking pop soda or drinking beverages (and eating food) sweetened with refined sugar (both are highly acidic and they offset the alkalinity);
  • By not taking calcium and other mineral supplements (manganese, copper and zinc).  Calcium helps maintain the alkaline environment;
  • By eating foods that are brimming with trans fats and hydrogenated oils.  Incidentally, processed foods are replete with bad cholesterol. To optimize the benefit of ionized water, consume whole and naturally-processed foods;
  • By not drinking enough (ionized) water.  One to two gallons of freshly “ionized” water a day lets you reap the full effect of hydroxyl ions.

Ionized water holds a lot of promise, even without the scientific crowd backing it up.  As always, exercise caution when being offered with elixir-making machines.  You may not like the taste of paying thousands of dollars for several gallons of ionized water.