Hyperacidity Symptoms

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Were there times when feel uncomfortable because you had this burning sensation in your stomach? The moment it goes away you don’t bother with it anymore. But you know, from time to time you should listen to what your stomach is trying to tell you. What you felt could be an indication of hyperacidity.

Dyspepsia as it also known is just one of the common disorders that affect the digestive system. Hyperacidity results when the stomach produces a lot of hydrochloric acid inside your body. This kind of acid is important in the digestion process. When there is an increased level of hydrochloric acid this is where your problem will start. The large amount of acid in your body will make the mucus membrane swell and may also lead to peptic or gastric ulcers. The burning sensation that you experience is different from that of heartburn. Acidity gives rise to a burning sensation and will cause pain in your abdominal part. This may also be followed by constipation. If you do go to your doctor for consultation and medication, you are mostly like to suffer from sleeplessness, irritability and declining health.

People around the world are affected by the disorder. Because hyperacidity is so common, it does not recognize age, sex or race. Other causes of dyspepsia are the following: bad eating habits and food intake, irregular meals, and damaging lifestyle. Too much eating of food rich in fats, oil, and spice leads to hyperacidity. This will result to a higher level of acidity in the stomach. People who also have a liking for sour food suffer from the disorder, too. A major cause for the health problems that people face today is the sedentary lifestyle that they are so used. They have forgotten to keep themselves active and watching what they are eating. One also suffers from hyperacidity because of drinking too many caffeinated and carbonated beverages. On top of this, hyperacidity can also be set off due to mental, physical and emotional stress and distress.

If one is anxious, tense, worried or preoccupied, this is likely to affect his or her digestion. More digestive juices are produced and ultimately increase the stomach’s acid level. Eating meals at irregular intervals is a big no-no. When you eat meals at improper times, your body can right away cope with the sudden changes in eating habits. It is also important to note that you should give your stomach time to digest the food that you have eaten and avoid lying down right after meal. Medicines especially anti-inflammatory prescription drugs, when taken for extended period may lead to hyperacidity.

In order to make hyperacidity go away, you have to observe proper food habits, eat the right kinds of food, and make some changes in your daily life. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in liquid as these are easily absorbed by the stomach. Adulterated buttermilk with a little powdered pepper and fresh juice from the pineapple will work for your hyperacidity. Cold fat-free milk neutralizes the stomach acids. Several glasses of warm water will calm down your stomach. Make sure to have small servings and eat on schedule. Cereals, eggs, bread, meat, rice, cheese, potato and vegetables are perfect for those with dyspepsia.

Make it a practice to sleep with your head raised to prevent the gastric juices from going up to your esophagus. Do not wear tight fitting pieces of clothing as these will limit the activities of the stomach. Problems with hyperacidity will stop you from attending to your daily routine, so make certain that you consult with your doctor immediately.