How to Get Rid of Gas in the Stomach

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Gas pains result from the presence of acid in the stomach, consumption of acidic foods, swallowing of too much air, air pockets in the gastrointestinal system and stress. While gas pain is not associated with any kind of disease or sickness, it can be very uncomfortable and at times distressing. Gas pains can go away with our without the use of medicine.

You can do a set of exercises to alleviate the pain. There is the duck walk where you simply have to bend down at the waist and knees and then walk like a duck. Do this for a few minutes and gas should go be gone. Another exercise to try is to stretch out your spine. Start by sitting with your knees reaching your chest and put your arms about your shins. From this position, roll back. Once your shoulders touch the ground stretch your hands for support and roll back all the way to your head and neck to extend your body. Do a number of repletion. If you find this exercise difficult to do, then a simple squat will do the trick. Go ahead and bend from your waist and knees. Your thighs should be around ground level. Then raise yourself and repeat. If these exercises do not ease your discomfort, there are ways to get rid of those gases.

Ensure that you have a bland diet. Get into the habit of consuming creamed soups, milk, tapioca pudding, apple juice, cooked or canned bananas. As much as possible, avoid eating kinds of beans, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, pears, cauliflower, onions as these are known to produce gas in your stomach. You can have some baked potatoes as long as you remove the skin or you can have the potatoes mashed, boiled, or scalloped. Eggs must be poached, soft-cooked or scrambled. Meat must be boiled, broiled or baked. Avoid over-eating, spicy foods, eating late, and drink plenty of water to aid digestion. Stop yourself from drinking sodas, carbonated drinks, or beer. Milk and other dairy produce must also be eliminated.

Stress can also lead to gas pains because stomach acid will be overly produced. So take the acid out of your stomach and get rid of worry and anxiety. Take time out to smell the flowers and calm yourself down. Go for activities that do not require a lot of attention and focus. Sing, dance, hum your favorite tune, play sports, exercise, or meditate.

Gas pains still there even if you have tried all these activities? Don’t go for over the counter drugs right away. Give these home medications a try first. Get some passion fruit and blanch it water and drink the liquid. You can also blanch lemon verbena leaves or parsleys and drink the fluid as frequently as possible. If you prefer to drink tea, then let it be chamomile or peppermint flavoured tea. This kind of tea is excellent at expelling gas out of your stomach. Soak sliced ginger in lime juice and chew the slices afterwards. Measure one teaspoon each of green cardamom seeds, dry ginger, and pepper. Put them together in a grinder and grind for a few minutes. Add half a teaspoon of water. Make sure to drink the concoction an hour after every meal.

Take note that there are antacids available in drugstores. Find out from your doctor or from a licensed pharmacist and check out which is suitable for you. There are a various ways in fight the effects of flatulence, some of them are tried and tested, others have yet to be tried and rejected if considered useless.