How to Get Rid of Acne Marks

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The face is the most valuable physical attribute of a person. It can tell a lot about the individual’s personality. When the face experiences physical damage, a person works hard to maintain its natural beauty. When blackheads appear, a woman gets a facial. When excessive oiliness is making the face shiny, a girl gets an oil control film and wipes it off. When a teenager gets acne, that’s a different story.

Acne is a condition that isn’t just about pimples. It’s about pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, pinheads, and scaly red skin. It’s a repulsive condition that makes the face very, very unsightly. People with acne don’t just have to withstand the painful red blisters on their faces, but the humiliation and shame as well. Having acne lowers a person’s self-esteem and loses his confidence to face the world.

Ok, the acne is gone. The redness, the pustules, the pinheads, and all the other blisters on the face are no longer visible. The color of the skin has returned to normal. But the evidence of acne is still there. Acne produces marking which remains on the affected area for life. Acne marks are similar to ordinary marks which can no longer be naturally repaired by the body. The marks will always carry the memory of having an acne outbreak during the younger years.

Thankfully the market has already thought of that idea. Acne mark treatments all over the globe have been introduced and produced and are now being used by many satisfied consumers. Some of these treatments include mark creams, laser technology, dermabrasion, dermal fillers, and many more.

The cheapest and one of the most ineffective acne mark treatment products are acne creams. They are usually topical and are just applied on the marked area. They seldom show good results, if they show any results at all. A dedicated fade cream for acne scars, or a whitening cream as covered in our Meladerm review, is a better choice. 

A more technological method of removing acne marks is by using laser. Laser treatment is very effective but is very expensive as well. Micro-dermabrasion is a method which can be performed by non-professionals in skin clinics but should be administered with proper knowledge. It is similar to skin peeling, targeting the topmost layer of the skin and removing the dead cells to allow new cells to grow in their place. Dermal fillers are injected into the skin and are helpful in evening the surface but cannot guarantee lasting effects because the substances used in these procedures are easily broken down by the body.

There are other acne mark treatments like chemical peels. These exfoliate the skin and remove the surface to renew the skin layer. It’s like dermabrasion but it uses specific chemicals that, in large amounts, may harm the skin and the entire body as well. Punch techniques work by evening the surface of the skin through different methods. Excision surgically removes the marks. Elevation makes the mark hollows level with the normal skin layer. Grafting makes use of body tissues to fill up the mark hollows. Cyrosurgery uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the marks and afterwards breaks them and the skin loses the unevenness because of the removal of hollow and raised areas.

Other procedures in removing acne marks may include homeopathic methods and substances like ice therapy, using vegetables and other plants as topical applications on the marked areas. These may be the cheapest but results are inconclusive.

With the technology today, anything can be undone. marks can be removed as if nothing ever happened, but the effectiveness is as much as the expense. However, for a person who is ultimately willing to bring back the natural beauty of the face and skin, no procedure is too costly and no operation is too risky.