How to Get Rid of Acid Reflux Naturally

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Acid reflux is a very common digestive problem that millions of people experience all over the world. There are many causes of acid reflux and some of them may be as simple and easy to cure as they are severe. But there are also some cases of acid reflux that can cause great discomfort and pain to the individual. Let us first understand why acid reflux takes place and who are affected by it.

A common event when acid reflux affects an individual is when a woman is in her first trimester of pregnancy. The hormonal imbalance in the female body as well as the slowly growing uterus causes some of the acid in the stomach to rise up, thereby causing reflux. Regurgitation is the most common symptom of acid reflux but heartburn is also a common sign of the disorder. Acid reflux in itself is simple and can be easy to cure if given the proper treatment. But if it is left untreated, it may complicate into a real disease which is also known as GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

Unless you want to wait for your simple acid reflux to turn into GERD, you should facilitate treatment to the disorder. It’s not a good practice to let the disease take over your life. Good thing there are a lot of easy ways on how to get rid of acid reflux naturally. The best treatments are the natural treatments, requiring no medicines or drugs whatsoever. By administering natural acid reflux remedies to your disorder, you will be able to find relief from the problem without causing any side effects.

First, there are lifestyle alterations which you may practice to get rid of acid reflux. If you are used to eating a lot before bedtime, better stop that now and change your routine. Lying down right after eating can make the food and acids in the stomach back up to your throat and cause regurgitation because they have not yet been properly digested. Give yourself around 2 to 3 hours after meals before going to sleep.

You should also control the amount of food that you are eating. Eating too much can make it hard for your stomach to digest the foods properly so it continues to release acid that will break down the foods. Eating too little will cause the acids to continue churning without any food to break down, creating a continuous build-up of acid in the stomach. It’s best to eat in small amounts yet in more frequent periods. If you used to eat three heavy meals daily, better change it into six small meals throughout the day.

Foods which can increase acid production should be eliminated from your diet. Since there are a lot of these, you should be very careful with what you eat. Remove hard red meats, tomatoes, oily foods, fried foods, spicy foods, fatty foods, cheese, milk, dairy, citrus fruits, onions, caffeinated beverages, salad dressings, and sweets from your diet. These can all increase the acid production in your stomach.

On the other hand, you should eat more of the alkaline foods which will help reduce the levels of acid in your stomach and neutralize it to prevent the continuous production of acids. These include most fruits and vegetables, but apples the by far the most effective alkaline fruits that you can really take advantage of during such time. You can juice or shake the apple so it’s easier to digest. Cereals and whole wheat grains are also good to eat during acid reflux problems. You may also want to eat some lean meat for protein as well as egg whites. Keeping your diet free from acidic foods will surely do the trick.