How to Get Beach Ready in Five Easy Steps

Summer Vacation BeachWe all want to look our best when we’re on the beach, but months of being indoors out of the sun and within close distance to the fridge can mean that we’re a little more pale and flabby than we’d like. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks you can do to make sure you look in tip-top condition on the beach.

Tone Up

Although toning up usually requires spending hours and hours in the gym, you can make it easy on yourself by going swimming. Swimming is a fantastic exercise as you use every muscle in your body – meaning that it enables you to tone all of the muscles in your body in one go. To add to this exercise, why not try some other fun activities such as dancing around your house or having a play on the Wii Fit? Zumba fitness classes are also a great way to tone your entire body.

Get Waxed

The simplest way of looking beach-ready is to make sure there are no pesky hairs anywhere. Although you could shave or use an epilator, the best way to make sure that you remain hair-free for the entire holiday is to get waxed – that includes your legs, underarms and bikini line. If you go to a decent beautician, your wax could last up to two weeks. To keep up the smooth appearance of your skin, try using a hair-minimizing lotion and deodorant.

Get a Spray Tan

If you feel like you’re a little too pale to be baring your body on the beach, get a long-lasting spray tan so that your skin can look brown whilst you’re getting a tan. Go to a salon that specializes in long-lasting spray tans so that you can have a few dips in the pool without worrying about losing the tan. Some salons also offer toning tans, whereby they layer a darker tan on top of a lighter tan, creating the look of toned muscle. This is great for on the beach as it looks like you’ve spent hours in the gym when all you’ve done is spend an hour in the salon.

Get Your Nails Done

If you do nothing else, this tip will at least make you feel girly and feminine. Either go to a nail salon to get a manicure and pedicure or get the girls over and have a girly evening in where you all give each other manis and pedis. A great colour for on the beach is firebox red, as it’s noticeable and it really makes you look ‘finished’. For the more classic girls, go for a traditional French manicure on both your fingers and toes.

To make your look last even longer, try using a gel nail polish. Gel nail polishes basically simulate the look of acrylic nails, except they’re healthier for your nail beds and you’re not adding anything fake to your nails. Gel polishes are fantastic for long-lasting manicures and they could last up to three weeks compared to the usual one week that traditional polishes last for.

Don’t Wear Make-up

This could sound like a bit of an odd tip, but make-up on the beach is not a good look. It makes you seem too done, too ready and too concerned with your appearance –  plus, if it’s really hot, the make-up will probably run down your face. If you must wear any make-up, just use a waterproof lengthening mascara to frame your eyes. You could also wear a simple red lipstick to give a pop of colour to your look, but remember to use a lip sealant such as Lipcote if you’re going for lipstick.