How Long Does Indigestion Last?

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It is inevitable that in one way or the other, an individual may be prone to eating too much than his normal capacity. The food that he eats may not be absorbed by his body directly or in some cases, it may actually take some time before the body can actually digest it fully. Heartburns, nausea, pain in the upper chest, feeling of fullness even without eating that can cause loss of appetite, sick feeling and discomfort are just some signs of indigestion. This is primarily because of the formation of excessive acid since the body loses its capacity to effectively digest and utilize the food eaten. This stomach acid will then flow upwards back into the esophagus which causes the burning sensation in the upper body.

Usually, indigestion lasts for just a matter of hours if right medication and proper diet are supplemented. However, it may even take days or weeks depending on the severity of the condition. It is advisable for an individual to consult a doctor early on so that proper treatments and medications will be given. As indigestion may further cause weight loss or even serious health problems because a person’s diet can be affected, food intake can also be lessened. This can have its implications on the healthiness of the body which means being prone to more illnesses and diseases. Normal bodily functions will not be ensured. One should avoid thinking twice about seeing a doctor. The pain, if not remedied, can also worsen and it will just make the person feel more uncomfortable and inconvenient.

The diet contributes greatly to the remedy of indigestion since the diet can also affect the way the body will continue or resume its normal digestion. Eating habits should also be one of the things that an individual should be mindful about as this actually influences the capability of the body to absorb and digest everything that we intake.

For many cases, if the indigestion is not that serious, over-the-counter medications can be taken. These medications actually aid the body to dissolve the food effectively so that the indigestion will later be healed. Some examples of these over the counter drugs are gaviscon, hyoscine, and domperidone. By taking these drugs, an individual can get first aid relief from indigestion.

Other procedures can be done so that indigestion will only take days rather than weeks or months. One of these is relaxation exercise which aims to resume the normal body operations and also lessen the stress that afflicts the digestive system for it to be able to break down the foods that are being taken in by the body. Conflicts during meals should also be avoided and enough time for the digestion of food should be given. In this case, exercise or any strenuous activity after meals should first be avoided and a specific period of time should be allotted for rest and relaxation after meal.

Certainly, it is very important for us to watch even the smallest actions that affect the regular process of our body. It is not only through watching what we eat that we can help the body maintain its healthy state but also through being watchful of the actions that we do. We should allot enough time for the body to do its processes since an influence in the process may cause further problems like indigestion.

It should also be given attention that one should just have enough time in eating and also eat in moderation. This will effectively help the body process only the food that it is capable to digest and will also prevent stress and pressure from the organs in doing their processes. Keeping this in mind will essentially prevent indigestion from happening or at least, it may only take a short amount of time to occur.