How Housework Can Burn 50,000 Calories!

HouseworkYou may not realize it, but every time you pick up the vacuum cleaner or scrub down the kitchen, you’re burning calories – and those calories shouldn’t go unnoticed! Think of all of the cleaning activities that you do within just one day –  cleaning windows, cleaning the kitchen floor, changing the bed, hanging out the washing, cleaning the car… and the list goes on! Every single one of these activities burns activities – but just how many?

Research has shown that on average, you will burn 50,261 calories a year from just cleaning alone. That equals to losing 15 pounds a year if you keep your other food and exercise habits exactly the same – and that amount of weight equals one dress size!

This research also shows that you walk approximately 22 miles a year whilst cleaning your home, and that cleaning your home regularly gives you more of a workout than a couple of hours at the gym a week. To put that into perspective, the calories you burn whilst cleaning the house equal to the same amount of calories that you’d burn by cycling over 450 miles.

How to Burn Even More Calories

Think about the muscles you use whilst you’re going about your cleaning habits – for example, you use your arms and legs whilst vacuuming, and your arms whilst washing up. So, next time you vacuum your house, try wiggling your bottom and have a dance at the same time. If you can exaggerate your movements, you’ll burn even more calories. The same goes for when you’re washing up – try doing squats or jog up and down on the spot to get yourself moving. Apply this rule to all of your chores – exaggerate what you’re doing or do an extra good job on the cleaning, and you’ll burn even more calories.

Which Cleaning Job Burns the Most Calories?

The best cleaning job for burning the calories is doing laundry – putting it in the machine, hauling it up and down the stairs and hanging it out on the line will burn off just under 10,000 calories a year, and on average, you’ll only spend about an hour a week sorting out your washing – not bad really! The most time-consuming chore that you’ll do is washing up and putting away dishes. On average, we spend over two hours a week washing the dishes, to burn over just over 6,500 calories a year. Changing the beds doesn’t burn as many calories as you might think, but if you changed them a little more often, you’d be burning far more calories.

Tips and Tricks

To burn even more calories, try creating games out of your housework. Give yourself a certain amount of time to complete one room, and then stick to that time. Each time you do that section of room in the future, try to beat your time. Play basketball with your laundry by balling the clothes up and throwing them into the machine. You should also be inefficient and give yourself more work if you’re looking to burn more calories. We are always looking for shortcuts in our cleaning schedules these days, and these shortcuts won’t help you lose the calories – so make more work for yourself, make yourself have to go up and down stairs and get bits and bobs. Constant tidying and fidgeting burns plenty more calories than being still.

I also find that cooking burns plenty of calories, especially when I’ve got a lot of preparation to do. I made homemade bread for the family a few days ago which required kneading for twenty minutes – and my arms ached for two days afterwards. Being on your feet and moving around the kitchen burns lots more calories than heating something up in the microwave.

So next time you get cleaning or cooking, think about this article and get yourself moving!