Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Do you have an unexplainable pain on your lower back? Do you feel the pain extend to your lower abdomen up to your groin? Do you frequently urinate or is there a burning sensation when you pass urine? Have you ever seen blood in your urine? If these things happen to you, then you might have kidney stones.

There are a lot of kidney problems, but stones are the most common of them. Getting stones in the kidneys is a big problem, especially if they travel past the kidney and into the ureter. This is actually what created the insufferable pain on the lower back. Apart from those first stated, other symptoms of having kidney stones include pus in the urine, fever, nausea, and chills. These can be very painful, inconvenient, and even life-threatening for an individual, and the problem should be diagnosed and treated immediately.

Stones can be formed from various substances, but the most common of these is calcium oxalate, affecting 80% of all kidney stone sufferers. Uric acid covers for the 5%, and the remaining 15% come from a variety of struvite, cystine, and xanthine particulates. When these substances becom too abundant inside the body, they form into solid particles as their molecules come together, creating stone-like materials and settling in the kidneys where they stopped processing and started solidifying. The formation of stones is virtually impossible had it not been for the excessive amounts of these materials in the body. Thus, we are pretty much responsible for our own kidney problems.

That having said, it can be generalized that how we treat our body dictates how our body responds. Therefore, the best way to treat and prevent having stones in the kidney is by changing the lifestyle. You don’t need to go far to cure your disease – home remedies for kidney stones are numerous and are also very effective.

The first thing you have to remember is that salt is the basic source of calcium oxalate – the most common particle that turns into kidney stone. That means you have to limit your intake of salty foods. Cooking might require less saltiness, so try using other flavor enhancers to still make a good dish out of your recipe. Eating out might not be advisable because you don’t know how the food was cooked and how much salt is in it, but if you really want to eat out, you can eat other foods that aren’t salty instead.

On the other hand, purine is the source of uric acid, which forms into uric acid crystals when excessively abundant in the urine. Avoid purine-rich foods like anchovies, brains, gravies, kidneys, liver, sardines, sweet breads, asparagus, bacon, beef, cauliflower, chicken, codfish, crab, duck, halibut, ham, lamb, lentils, lima beans, lobster, mushrooms, oatmeal, oysters, peas, pork, salmon, shellfish, spinach, trout, tuna, and turkey.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water is an excellent solvent for any substance, and it also helps in the cleansing process of the kidneys. Another very good beverage for stones is lemonade. Citrus fruits have citrate, a substance that inhibits the formation of stones in the kidneys. The higher the level of citrate, the better it can work to prevent and dissolve kidney stones. Apart from lemonade, orange juice is also very effective, even more effective than lemons as found by some researches.

Exercise is always important in maintaining good health, and it will do very good for your stone problems. Living healthy is practically the best method that you can do to ensure the good condition of your body. Always be conscious when it comes to your health, and never take your body for granted.