High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s life. It is in this time that one should be mindful about her actions, her lifestyle and also her diet as these things influences the healthiness or the complications that the child can inherit or possess once he is born. One major concern that should be given attention to is the blood pressure that a mother has during her pregnancy.

Blood pressure is concerned with the blood force exerted against the artery walls. Once this is high, it can be the cause of serious health problems like heart ailments, diseases in the kidney, stroke and in effect, may also have its implications on the baby. During pregnancy, some women are likely to develop higher blood pressure. It is still uncertain as to what exactly contributes to this but it is currently linked to different causes including existing high blood pressure conditions, diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, first pregnancy, pregnancy of twin or triplets or even previous pregnancies affected by preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is the state wherein a pregnant woman experiences high blood pressure during pregnancy that may cause serious effects and problems on her kidneys, liver, brain and the placenta. As a consequence, it can also affect the health and development of her baby.

It is important to examine the common symptoms of high blood pressure in pregnancy which includes having too high or too low blood pressure that may be unusual before pregnancy, or hypertension which is accompanied by headaches or indications in the eyes of the patient. There is also the presence of protein in the urine which can be detected through a check-up and urinalysis procedure. Sudden gain in weight or the swelling of feet, face, hands and others are also indications of preeclampsia. This indicates the need to consult a doctor and submit a urine sample or check your blood pressure. Other symptoms include right upper abdomen pain, fatigues, pains and even headaches.

These symptoms also have the chance to be detected instantly or in some cases, a pregnant woman can just assume that it is part of the pregnancy. This poses the need to have regular check-up with a doctor so that regular monitoring of urine and blood pressure will be done. Also slight changes in the body which are unusual should be automatically detected. This is important since those that are not earlier prevented can even cause low weight during birth, stillbirth, and also early delivery. In severe cases, even the life of the mother and the baby can be at risk when this condition is not treated properly. This presence of high blood pressure can also lead to seizures commonly called as eclampsia. This is primarily the second leading cause of death for pregnant women in the United States.

Ironically, the medical society and professionals still don’t have any proven way to prevent preeclampsia. As a preventive and corrective measure, people who experience high blood pressure can just regularly check with their physicians so that they can be monitored closely to lessen and prevent any serious complications. As such, it can be said that it is very important to look after one’s health especially during one’s pregnancy since it is your responsibility not only to look after your own life but also the life of your baby. It is with great excitement and joy that a woman learns that she is to bear a child and that one should do the most that she can to protect and take care of this baby and also of her health. Though this condition cannot be directly stopped from happening, still through prevention and initiative, further serious problems can be stopped.