High Blood Pressure Causes

We all know what high blood pressure is, but do we all understand how it happens? High blood pressure or hypertension is a medical problem which involves two major components of the human body – the heart and the blood. With regards to the health, the blood is not really affected by hypertension but the heart is under a great risk if an individual has high blood pressure. This is because of the stress and exhaustion that the heart experiences when a person has hypertension.

High blood pressure occurs when the heart uses a higher level of pressure to be able to pump the blood and send it into the bloodstream efficiently. This can be caused by a number of things, but the apparent effects are two major abnormalities in the body: 1) the excessive pressure exerted by the heart in pumping and; 2) the increase in blood pressure level that is not within the normal range. When the heart exerts too much effort in its pumping process, it can easily get worn and deteriorate. This gives way to a lot of different health risks like heart failure, cardiac arrest, rheumatic heart disease, and even stroke. The increase in blood pressure also creates an uncomfortable sensation in the human body which is greatly associated with the increase of blood flow, and the effects are nausea, dizziness, flushing, and even fainting.

There are a lot of possible causes of high blood pressure, but some of them are acquired while there are also some which are genetically associated. If high blood pressure runs in your family, then it is a very big possibility for you to have the disorder as well. Also, if one of your parents has a heart problem, you might inherit the weakness of the heart and this can also lead to having hypertension.

Other high blood pressure causes involve the intake of too much saturated fats and oils. When you eat a lot of junk foods, oily foods, fried foods, fatty foods, and everything similar to these, you are putting yourself at risk of hypertension. Some of the most unadvisable foods to eat include animal fat, animal meat, foods that have been fried like French fries, fried chicken, other oily foods, and foods high in sodium content, especially junk foods, chips, and other unhealthy snacks. Eating these foods in excessive amounts can greatly affect the health of the entire body and not just the heart, so it is a must to avoid these foods or at least, eat them in moderation.

Obesity is also greatly associated with hypertension. This is because the fat in the body tends to squeeze in the veins and blood vessels, making it difficult for blood to circulate through the body optimally. In order to fight this, the heart increases its effort so that the pumped blood can get through the veins faster and better.

There are also cases of hypertension which are caused by other diseases, also known as secondary hypertension. Nonetheless, these cases are quite rare and almost 95% of all hypertension problems are associated with essential hypertension or high blood pressure which is caused by acquired and genetic factors.

If you observe, most of the causes of hypertension are closely related with unhealthy lifestyle. Like any other disorder, there is no better cure for hypertension than healthy living. You should observe a well-balanced diet and you should also exercise regularly if you really want to get rid of your hypertension problem. But acquiring hypertension means that you have to endure it in your entire lifetime, so it is better to prevent the condition from afflicting you to save yourself the trouble of having to deal with it.