Hearing Amplifiers Reviews

A hearing amplifier is a small device that fits into the ear that works to help you hear things more clearly by amplifying the sounds around you. They are designed to help you hear sounds that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to hear – such as a whisper, a voice from across the room or a low-level television. However, a hearing amplifier is not a hearing aid – the FDA state that you should only use a hearing amplifier after it has been determined that there is no hearing loss. If there is hearing loss and an amplifier is used rather than a hearing aid, hearing loss may actually worsen due to over amplification. Hearing amplifiers can be used to amplify things like your television or a lecture, but they should not be used as a substitute for a hearing aid.

If you’re worried about your hearing and you feel like you cannot hear clearly, go to your doctor before buying any product. The doctor can then advise you on whether it would be better for you to use a hearing aid or a hearing amplifier.

Hearing amplifiers are available everywhere – you can buy them from your local pharmacy and you can buy them online from all sorts of outlets, including eBay and other online sites. Below, I talk you through some of the hearing amplifiers available on the market.

Betterlife Hearing Amplifier

A tiny amplifier that works by amplifying sounds from a tiny box that sits in your pocket or that clips onto your belt. A pair of headphones sits in your ears and connects to the amplifier to let you hear the noises. This amplifier is relatively cheap, too, coming in at £7.99. Buy it from: http://www.betterlifehealthcare.com/view_product.php?prodID=7469&ref=google_base.

Behind the Ear Sound Voice Amplifier Hearing Aid Aids

Although this product is called a hearing aid, it’s actually a hearing amplifier. There are two amplifiers and they sit over your ear. They come with six earplugs in three different sizes for you to find the perfect fit – they’re a small size and they emit a low noise and they’re easy to carry, making them perfect for all hard of hearing people. They cost £7.29 and they are available to buy from: http://www.1topstore.com/product_info.php?language=en&currency=GBP&products_id=12087.


The ampli-ear hearing device is the best-selling hearing amplifier in the U.S. It has proven itself to be one of the best and most reliable hearing amplifiers and it is one of the smallest amplifiers on the market in the world. It’s 100% adjustable and the manufacturers report a 100% success rate. Because the product is so small and it doesn’t involve being put over your ear or being connected to any boxes using wires or headphones, it’s virtually invisible in the ear, helped by the fact that the product is flesh colored. Buy it from www.ampliear.comor www.ampliear.co.uk for £17.95/$30.00.

SuperEar Plus Hearing Enhancer

This hearing amplifier is one of the best on the market and it is able to pick up sounds from up to 30 meters away using a highly sensitive 90 degree swivelling microphone. It comes with a set of headphones, but you can also use the ear-bud headphones that come with the product for a more discreet look. The headphones attach to a small unit that can fit into the top pocket of your shirt or into the pocket of your trousers. It’s available for £43.99 from http://www.tomsgadgets.com/superear-plus-hearing-enhancer/p/MIC62-49.

For more technologically advanced hearing amplifiers, you may require a prescription or a note from your doctor. If you are particularly hard of hearing, you’ll need a hearing aid rather than a hearing amplifier, and hearing aids require proper fitting. If you’re unsure of the type of hearing amplifier you need, speak to your doctor.