Healthy Snacks for Kids On the Go

Healthy SnacksChildren are running around so much, expelling so much energy that quite often just three meals a day is not enough. Instead of worrying about their eating choices, encourage them to eat some healthy snacks. If they get into healthy snacking whilst they’re younger, it sets them up with healthy eating habits for life. Take a look at some of the healthy snack ideas below for inspiration.

Baked Crisps

Usually, crisps and chips get half of their calories from fat. This is because they’re deep-fried. Instead, switch to a baked variety. This means that the chips have been baked in an oven to dry them out, rather than fried in fat. There are plenty of flavourful baked varieties available out there that are delicious without having lots of fat. Alternatively, you could try vegetable crisps made from beetroot, carrot or parsnips. They’re sweet and tasty, as well as being lower in fat and calories, and they’re full of fibre and protein.


Nuts are pretty high in fat, but they’re high in the sorts of omega-3 essential fatty acids that are brilliant for your health and heart. Nuts are a fantastic source of this type of fat, with the exception of macadamia nuts, and they are as good for you as olive oil. They’re filling, and they’re full of protein, fibre and vitamins and minerals.

Fruit Shakes

A good way to get your child eating their daily fruit and vegetables is to make fruit and vegetable smoothies. Try to get three portions of fruit and veg into the smoothie and then make it clear that the smoothie is to fill them up and to get their fruit into them, not to have as a drink throughout the day. One shake will fill them up easily until the next meal and will really pack a punch of vitamins and minerals. For the tastiest shakes, freeze the fruit beforehand and blitz it with ice.

Frozen Grapes

If your child is hankering for something sweet, try giving them a handful of frozen grapes. They can suck on them like they’re sweets and they will feel like they are having a treat. They contain no fat and far less calories than boiled sweets, but they are also high in fibre which is brilliant for keeping you full.


It may surprise you just how many children love raisins. The single serving boxes are a perfect way of giving them out to your children and they are a fun snack to have on the go. Give them to your children after meals as a pudding or in between meals to keep their energy levels up.


A bowl of cereal is an excellent choice of snack for any child, in particular cereals that don’t contain a lot of sugar or fat. Honey Cheerios and regular Cheerios are an excellent choice as they are sweet and they are also made of whole grains, so they contain plenty of fibre and protein as well as tons of vitamins and minerals. Let them eat a portion of the cereal dry or with semi-skimmed milk for a great snack.

Peanut Butter

As long as you stick to all natural choices of peanut butter, this is a great snack for kids particularly when paired with fruit or veg. Peanut butter releases energy slowly, contains omega-3 and good fatty acids and it also contains loads of fibre. Smother some on a celery stick and give it to your child as a snack – obviously, if they have a nut allergy, steer clear from this choice. Natural peanut butter brands contain less fat and sugar than non-natural brands, but you could also make your own peanut butter at home.