Hair Regrowth Products Review

As technology advances, we’re now finding that there are cures available for many skin conditions and disorders that were not curable before. Years ago, when people lost their hair, there wasn’t much at all that could be done to help them. However, there are now literally hundreds of products on the market that all claim to promote hair regrowth. Some products work to promote healthy, strong hair and nails, whilst others claim to be able to grow it back even if you’ve been bald for years. Luckily, I’ve taken a look around and have come up with a list of some of the best hair regrowth products out there.

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

This stimulating shampoo contains caffeine, which works to stimulate hair growth directly at the roots of the hair. In just 120 seconds, the active ingredient in the shampoo travels along the hair shaft and directly into the follicles and if it is left on for a longer period of time, it will stimulate the scalp too. The product works to keep the hair roots active and to extend the growth phase for longer than usual, whilst also enhancing the speed of hair growth. In general, it’s an all-round excellent product that seems to be working wonders for men all over the world. It is a product that is aimed at men and so if you are a woman wishing to use the product, you should really contact the manufacturers at their website You can also buy the shampoo through the website for $12.00/£6.00.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

This innovate hair growth treatment is aimed squarely at hair that doesn’t grow past a certain length and is suitable for both men and women. Its primary aim is to address hair and scalp aging right down at a cellular level, repairing cells and improving follicle health. This improved follicle health increases the ability of the hair to anchor it to the scalp, meaning that when hair grows it keeps growing rather than falling out. Because you smooth the product along the entire hair shaft, it also works to repair hair from the inside out, meaning that the hair is silky, smooth and far more manageable. Buy it from any good pharmacy or online at American customers can find the product on

NR-07 Hair Regrowth Treatment 5% Minoxidil

This is a medicated product that works to effectively treat the entire scalp, vertex and hairline in male pattern baldness. It uses a number of ingredients, including minoxidil, apple polyphenol, azelaic acid, oleanolic acid, serenoa repens and pus auxiliary agents, to help retain and regrow hair on the vertex. The effectiveness of the product has been clinically proven in trials and the results are fascinating – the treatment actually increases hair growth by up to 300% when compared with controls. It’s suitable for use in both men and women although you should be supervised by a doctor whilst using the product just to make sure that you have no adverse reactions. Buy it from

Women’s Rogaine (Regaine)

This product is aimed specifically at women who may be suffering with hair loss due to age or a medical condition such as alopecia. The product revitalises hair follicles and is clinically proven to promote hair growth. However, the product should only be used on hair that is thinning or lost all over and should not be used on patchy hair loss. It’s a topical solution, making it really easy to apply – it’s massaged into the roots where it sits and sinks in for a while before you shampoo and condition as normal. Buy it from