Guide to Alternative Therapies Part Two

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient Indian practice – it’s actually been used for over 1,000 years as a way of treating women’s scalp and hair and improving scalp condition. It’s now evolved into something that’s done on the whole of the upper body – on the head, shoulders, upper back and upper arms. A huge variety of massage movements and techniques are used in this process and the massage can be used for a variety of ailments, including stress and anxiety, headaches, and to relax the individual receiving the massage.


Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese way of healing the body. It’s thought to help with a wide range of illnesses and conditions, from specific problems to overall general health. It’s often referred to as acupuncture without the needles and it’s thought to be absolutely perfect for people of all ages. The background of shiatsu is that your body has energy flowing through it along channels called meridians. This energy is known as Ki in Japanese. The shiatsu instructor will use a variety of techniques, including gentle holding and pressing of certain pressure points. This helps your Ki to flow through the meridians in your body far better. As your Ki improves, your symptoms and your quality of life should improve. This therapy also works on your emotional state of mind, too, so you can expect to feel better all over.

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique was developed by F M Alexander. He theorized that in our everyday lives, we use ourselves in certain ways that may be detrimental to our health. That means the way we sit, walk, stand, run, lie down all have an effect on our overall health and wellbeing. We often develop bad posture without being aware of it. Your Alexander technique practitioner will teach you how to use good posture and how to not expend energy unnecessarily. It teaches you how to restore your natural balance and flexibility, meaning that you can become relaxed. It’s brilliant for people who suffer from pain and aches, as it teaches them to readdress the balance and enables them to feel far more comfortable.

Body Talk

Body Talk is a new procedure that encompasses lots of different techniques, such as yoga, physics, kinesiology, acupuncture and math. It’s non-invasive and it’s thought to be really effective. It’s based on the philosophy that your body can heal itself without the need for medicine. The exact techniques are not clear, but it can be used to address disease and disorder. It’s also used to increase quality of life and to increase your vitality in areas like exercise and fitness. Your practitioner will ask you a list of questions to which you’ll give yes or no answers, and from those answers, they’ll discern which area of your life that you need to readdress or balance, and from there, you can begin treatment.

Ear Candles

This is one of the stranger-sounding natural therapies, but it’s been used for centuries in Asia and Greece. The treatment can help with ear, throat and mouth problems –  things like sinusitis, earache, build-up of ear wax, rhinitis and tinnitus. It can also help with headaches and migraines. The treatment usually takes place with the patient on his or her side. Each ear will be treated one at a time, with the candle burning for around ten minutes. After each ear has been treated, the practitioner will then massage your face and neck. It’s a perfectly safe treatment.

Read on next time for information on even more natural, complementary therapies.