Grapefruit Seed Extract and Sinus Infection

The sinuses are what you call the cavities which are locates in the skull, behind the cheeks and near the eyes. These are cavities which play a major role in optimal respiration and other nasal and oral functions. These cavities are hollow inside, which makes them very easy to fill with an infectious substance. That is why sinus infection is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world.

What is sinus infection and what causes it?

The sinuses are hollow which means that some substances and microorganisms can stay stuck in it. When bacteria or fungi linger in these cavities, they infect the sinuses, thus causing the infection. Different bacteria and fungi strains are responsible for causing sinus infections in different people. But the most common infection seen in many chronic sinus problems is that of a fungal strain. This means that bacterial sinus infections are much easier to treat, especially since they can be cured using antibiotics. Fungal sinus infections are more difficult to manage, requiring extensive treatment and complete fungal elimination.

Who gets sinus infections and why?

Anyone can get a sinus infection, but some studies show that there are relationships with heredity, environment, and lifestyle and sinus infections. People who have family histories of chronic sinusitis are more likely to acquire the disorder. If the environment that a person is living in is very prone to bacterial and fungal infestation, this is also one probable cause of the problem. Likewise, those who live an unhealthy lifestyle become susceptible to diseases and may acquire sinus infections due to allergies and untreated colds.

How do you treat sinus infections?

Most doctors would give you antibiotics, but for chronic sinus problems, these won’t do because chronic sinusitis is caused by a fungal strain. There’s one well-known remedy for sinus infections today, though, and that is grapefruit seed extract. This is the extract of the pulp of the seed of the grapefruit, or the middle of the seed extracted from the cover or skin of the seed. It has long been used in many foods and cosmetic products, but it has been discovered to help a lot in treating sinus problems.

Grapefruit Seed Extract and Sinus Infection: What’s the connection?

Grapefruit seed extracts were used in crops to prevent mold formation because they were found to be very effective in keeping fungi away. This is the same concept that science has used to make grapefruit seed extract effective for chronic sinus infection. The antifungal properties of this extract make it very effective for killing the fungal strain that is causing sinus problems. So how do you use grapefruit seed extract for sinus infections?

Methods in Using Grapefruit Seed Extract for Sinus Infections

  1. Irrigation – irrigation of the nose is done using a neti pot. The neti pot is inserted in one nostril and the water is allowed to flow from one nostril and out to the other. When irrigating your nasal passages, add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in the neti pot filled with water. If the solution is in powder form, add a teaspoon or as instructed. Use the water to irrigate your nasal passages. Do this twice daily for optimal effects.
  2. Nasal Spray – this is much easier to use but neti pots are much more effective especially for severe cases. Just mix the grapefruit seed extract with water, pour the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray each nostril twice daily.
  3. Nasal Drops – this method is the most commonly used method just like in using eye drops. Using the solution of grapefruit seed extract and water, use a dropper or anything that can be used to drop the solution into each nostril. Tilt your head upside down to let the solution enter the nostrils and the sinuses optimally.