Gas Pain Relief Home Remedies

There are a lot of reasons why the body may be experiencing pain. One of these is the accumulation of too much gas in the body. Gas is an essential substance in the body and it is utilized by the human body system to perform vital bodily functions. The most important gas in the body is oxygen, as it is used by the brain to actively perform its functions and it is also used by the blood for many important bodily activities. But sometimes, if gas is present in the wrong place at the wrong time, this can cause great discomfort to an individual.

Why does gas pain occur? There are several causes of the problem, but the most particular explanation for this is when gas builds up in the intestines. If you swallow too much air, the gas that enters your body will be collected in the stomach and eventually travel into the intestines. Eating foods which are high in fat and oils can also cause gas buildup. Eating too much also allows you to swallow too much air, resulting to the problem. Gas also forms if you don’t eat anything for too long. If you eat foods which can produce high amounts of gas like beans, cabbage, broccoli, and sprouts, you may also experience gas buildup and this may result to gas pain.

In the onset of gas pain, you may first experience excessive belching, burping, and flatulence. Releasing air helps in reducing the pain, but if your body has accumulated too much air, the ones that you release may only be a small part of what’s still in your intestines. In such case, what you need is a solution that will provide you with gas pain relief.

There are many medical products in the market which are especially formulated to eliminate gas pains. But there are many simpler and safer solutions like home remedies and herbal supplements which you can use to eliminate the source of the problem. One of the best ways to eliminate gas pain is by avoiding foods which can create gas in the intestines. These foods include fatty foods, oily foods, greasy foods, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, other similar vegetables, prunes, pears, apples, and other similar fruits. Dairy products may also cause gas if you have lactose intolerance, but in cases of gas pain, it is recommended that you avoid from eating or drinking any dairy products.

Home remedies for gas pain are also very useful and simple to perform. Ginger and chamomile are two herbs which can help a lot in eliminating excess gases from your stomach. Take them as tea or you can chew candied ginger if you want. You can also spread some ginger or chamomile oil on your abdomen area.

Fennel seeds are natural preventers of flatulence. You can eat them before or after eating to prevent the buildup of gas in the stomach. Peppermint tea may also do the trick like chamomile and ginger. You may also apply mentholated or peppermint oils on your abdomen to eliminate the pain.

For very severe gas problems, you may want to try using charcoal. All you have to do is mix charcoal with hot water and drink it. You may not like the taste of the concoction but you will definitely get the relief that you need from gas pains.

If you are still suffering from gas pain despite taking all of these home remedies and herbal supplements, you may want to visit a medical health professional for a more intellectual advice. You may need to undergo treatment if necessary, especially if the gas pain causes other symptoms or complications.