Gallstone Removal Report Review

A lot of people resort to gallbladder surgery before even trying natural gallbladder remedy. One of the many reasons perhaps is because not all people are educated about the existence of natural remedies. Another reason is probably our too much reliance on science and our doctor’s prescriptions. Or the most probable reason is our misconception that gallbladder surgery is the only solution to treat gall stones.

Gallstones are mostly made up of hardened cholesterol with bilirubin and calcium. Bile fluid in the gall bladder has high levels of cholesterol and the pigment bilirubin. Both of these substances precipitate as crystals that form stones which may be as fine as beach sand or as large as pebble stone.

Treatment for gallstones may vary depending on the size of your gallstones but the natural treatment is more recommended. Gallstones can naturally be flushed by a simple liver flush or by dissolving them. For severe cases, gallbladder surgery may be the best option.

The chemical dissolution treatment is an alternative to surgery. What it does is to dissolve the cholesterol and flush them naturally. This treatment involves the use of olive oil and lemon juice to flush the stone.

One popular treatment for people who chooses not to undergo surgery is taking oral medicine to dissolve the gallstones. This medical counterpart to gallstones treatment may have some side effects with the medication.

The Gallbladder and liver flush helps lessen the strain on the gallbladder brought about by excess cholesterol and bile salts that have accumulated and caused the liver to malfunction. This basically works in lightening the work load of the liver. This treatment is perhaps the most effective and popular remedy for gallstones.

The science of medicine has made known that the liver and the gallbladder work together at the same time. What the liver does is to filter toxins taken inside the body including alcohol, excess fats, and pollutants. Thereby and as stated by natural health research, flushing the liver will also flush clean the gallbladder.

This by far may be an overrated statement, but water is the most natural and best cleansing fluid for the body. It is also one of the primary indicators if you have gallstones or other ailments. Since the body is made up of 75% water, if that drops by half of a percent then that should give you a cue. The best thing to do when you are out enjoying the outdoors is to buy the water bottle you find cute and drinking about half your weight of water in ounces per day. This is equivalent to drinking 100 ounces of water if you weigh 200 lb. At 8 ounces per cup, you would have to drink 12 cups per day.

Food rich in fats and high in cholesterol should be avoided for about a month before you slowly introduce them to your diet. These food types are generally the major causes of cholesterol based gallstones plus the fact that they also pump toxins into the liver.

Fiber is one of the very best preventive measures to limit or prevent gallstones. Increasing intake of water soluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables not only make you fit, it keeps you from getting sick. A good rule would be to get 7 per day for the first month. The result to having much fiber in the diet is very rewarding but your body may need a good adjustment.

Colon cleanse is also another way to help gallstone sufferers. This procedure is done to eliminate toxins present particularly in the colon. Using an enema is the easiest way to perform this procedure. An enema can be bought at any pharmacy and the best enema kits are usually using distilled water and lemon juice.

Many people are disillusioned into thinking that gallstone remedies are painful. They are not. You can eradicate gallstones with simple step by step remedy that is guaranteed to work and is guaranteed to be research based.

Simple Gallstone Remedy
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