Foods to Avoid with Gout

Excessive uric acid in the body is the cause of having gout. This excessiveness can further cause evident inflammation of joints as the uric acid being taken excessively can cause the formation of tiny crystals of urate that penetrates the tissues of the body. This tissue, in turn, will damage the joint. The inflammation is also attributed to arthritis as the conditions and symptoms are alike. In addition to this, gout can also be linked to illnesses in the kidney such as the kidney stones as the excessive amount of uric acid can also cause failure of the kidneys.

It is a fact that one’s lifestyle especially one’s diet can cause or prevent gout. It is expected that the overload of uric acid can be greatly attributed to the foods that we intake. This includes too much alcohol consumption as alcohol contains substances that are not easily digested by the body and when taken too much, can then cause the overload. In addition, too much sweetness may also cause gout. Another is the fructose-sweetened drinks which can also cause production of excessive uric acid in the body.

Other foods that may also cause gout include meat and seafood. This is because high-protein foods in addition to purine-rich foods are greatly associated with the cause of gout. As such, it is important to note what purine-rich foods are to be able to avoid them. Purines are actually organic food components that are present in our food. They are also found to be high in protein that makes them the reason for gout. Examples of foods that are high in purine may range from fish foods like mackerel, anchovies, sardines, bluefish, bouillon, salmon, shellfish, tuna and the like. It may also be found in yeast, gravies, meat extracts and consommé. Seafood like oysters, lobster, should also be taken in reasonable and moderate amounts. In addition, sweet foods can also be the source of this.

Other high-protein foods are also high in purine, and these are some foods to avoid with gout. These include meat organs like the liver, kidney, calf tongue, etc. Foods including bacon, beef, chicken, pork, rabbit, ham, duck, goose and others should also be taken into moderation because they also contain this kind of substance. Aside from these, even legumes like dried beans, asparagus, cauliflower, lentils, lima beans, spinach and peas are also found to have moderate to high amounts of purine.

Given all these information, one should be considerate of his or her own health. Eating foods that are believed to decrease the risk of acquiring gout will help you prevent the occurrence or stop the further complication of the disorder. These foods include coffee, foods rich in vitamin C, and dairy products.

It is certain that one should look into the things that he or she is eating. It should be the responsibility of an individual to always take into account the health effects that he or she is going to face upon consumption of certain foods. This just implies that one should look into his or her own diet so that he or she will be able to note what should be taken in moderation and what varieties he or she can take. It is also advisable to have alternatives and keep in mind that anything in excess is bad for the health. Gout can be prevented and any other illnesses that may also be associated with gout can also be stopped from early on. All it takes it a lot of discipline, a little diet alteration, exercise, healthy living, and health consciousness. That way, you will be able to prevent not only gout but also many other diseases and illnesses.