Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the blood force that is exerted against the artery walls. Excessive or too much force which causes high blood pressure is certainly a serious health problem that one should avoid or prevent since it is inevitable that it will cause serious health conditions in the long run. This high pressure can make the heart and the arteries become overworked and in effect, this will also weaken the heart. It may also cause occasional palpitation, dizziness, nausea, headaches and even irregular heartbeat. This then poses the importance of being mindful of ways on how to reduce blood pressure.

Certain actions like yoga and medicines from herbal science are practices and products that are used in order to remedy high blood pressure. Aside from this, there is an emphasis on watching on one’s lifestyle especially being conscious in having the efforts to shift from an unhealthy lifestyle to one that is watchful, responsible and careful. This attention will certainly lessen cardiovascular risk that a person may experience if this will not be given proper attention.

It can be said that some medicines actually cause side effects that make blood pressure go high. This includes those non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and contraceptives. It is also undeniable that foods that are high in fat and salt are popular causes of high blood pressure and obesity is one indication of having this.

It is important to watch our daily diet especially the food that we eat every day. Foods that are high in fat and salt are major causes of high blood pressure and a diet which is made of only a moderate amount of these foods can be considered helpful in reducing the risk of hypertension. These foods includes chicken, turkey or lean cuts of meat, fish, carbohydrates including pastries, breads, rolls or muffins. One can also take cereals, oat meals and other morning snacks which are believed to be healthier and make the body stronger. The usual diet of rice and noodles is also not harmful. The most recommended healthy diet will be one which is composed of just fruits and vegetables. They do not only contain nutrients that the body needs but they are also rich in fiber which actually helps our body function properly.

Spices which include herbs and flavorings such as oregano, onion and garlic powder, vinegar, and the like can also lower blood pressure. Foods that are rich in fat are also a big no-no. With these, excessive oily and fatty foods should be avoided. Alcohol in excess should also be stopped. Processed and cured meats should also be taken in minimal amounts as these foods usually have higher quantities of fat. Examples of these include sausages, hotdogs, bologna, ham, corned beef, and luncheon meats. Aside from these, even processed fish which is not cooked and is eaten straight from the can is also harmful because these may contain very high amounts of sodium. Other foods that should be prevented include milk that is high in sodium as well as cheese and cheese spreads.

These facts allow us to become more watchful towards our diet since foods have direct implications on our health. Because we can already prevent having high blood pressure and stop all the other harmful and problematic illnesses from happening, we should do our own efforts to eat the right foods and take into moderation those that we are used to eating but actually contain harmful ingredients. It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies and through these steps we will be able to save a lot on costs and the trouble from the challenges of diseases.