Finger Splints for Arthritis

Arthritis, like any other disease, needs treatment. But unlike most diseases, arthritis never goes away. It’s comparable to a heart disease, where you need to practice constant maintenance and care. Fortunately, there are much easier ways to deal with arthritis and there is less threat to it as compared to heart disease. Let us first understand what arthritis really is.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis, having the –itis suffix, is a form of inflammation. The condition is characterized by the inflammation of any joint in the body. It can be caused by a number of factors including systemic and infection problems. There are different kinds of arthritis according to the cause of the problem and there are also different methods to cure them.

Arthritis of the Finger

The fingers are very important in our everyday living. They enable us to control the things that we hold, create a firm and powerful grip, and exert effort using smaller parts of the body. The fingers are particularly necessary for picking up things, pressing things, and handling things. These may seem like simple activities to you, but they are most definitely important. How would you hold your spoon and fork while eating if your fingers are immobile? How can you type on a keyboard, dial on your mobile phone, and press the remote control buttons of your TV if you have finger arthritis? It’s not fatal but it’s definitely disabling.

It’s very common to have finger arthritis and some of the common forms of these are basal thumb arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms of common joint problems. Having finger arthritis can be very difficult because the finger is a member of an entire system which you call the hand. Even if only one finger has arthritis, it feels as though every other finger in the hand also has it. Also, every time you move your fingers, your arthritic finger always moves with the entire hand so you accidentally cause pain to yourself. It’s very uncomfortable and it’s also extremely painful.

Finger Splints for Arthritis: What are they?

In order to prevent the arthritic finger from experiencing too much pain whenever you are moving your hands, finger splints are used to keep them immobile and straight. This will prevent it from moving even if all the other fingers of the hand are moving. Finger splints can be as simple as small plastic tools worn over the finger to prevent it from bending and they can also be as sophisticated as glove-like garments with stiff foam to cover the entire finger and protect it from movement and contact.

What exactly do finger splints do to help arthritis problems?

Basically, keeping the finger from moving is a difficult thing to do by yourself. By using the splint, you are helping protect yourself from the pain of moving your finger and this also reduces the wear and damage on the joint, allowing it to recover easier.

Different Types of Finger Splints

  1. Thumb Basal Joint Splint. This splint is worn over the thumb and all around the wrist. It protects the thumb from moving and the wrist from causing the thumb to move. It is the best splint used for thumb arthritis and it can sometimes be used for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  2. Universal Finger Splint. This kind of splint is worn on any finger from the index to the pinky. It comes in variable sizes or adjustable models to fit the fingers of all users. These are very simple to wear and they are very effective. They can be made of any material from plastic to silver. These splints look like horse saddle frame which keeps the finger in a steady position.