Family Exercise Activities Ideas

We should all be aiming to get at least half an hour’s worth of moderate level exercise 5 days a week. But most of us don’t reach this goal because we have all sorts of other things going on – work, shopping, doing chores, running errands. Having a family means that you have lots of things that need to be done every day and that means that exercise can sometimes fall by the wayside. However, if you combine exercise with your family time and you make the effort to do exercise as a family, you’ll soon find that getting your thirty minutes a day is a piece of cake.

Go Swimming

All kids love to go to the pool –  and its fantastic exercise. Make a pact with your kids that once a week, you’ll go to the pool together and spend a few hours swimming together. It’s really cheap, too, and in some cases you can buy monthly or yearly passes, making it even cheaper. Swimming uses all of the muscles in your body as you work to keep yourself afloat, making it perfect for working your whole body with relatively little effort. It’s an important skill to teach to your children, too.

Jump Hoops

Playing basketball is an excellent way of getting your heart beating faster and to get your energy levels up. You can do it in your own back yard, too. Buy a hoop that attaches to the side of your house or buy a freestanding hoop and place it in the yard. If your children are young, buy a lighter ball that won’t hurt them if it falls on their head, and for elder children buy a traditional basketball. Spend an hour jumping hoop with them and you won’t believe the workout that you all get.

Play Skipping Games

Little girls love to skip –  especially with their friends. They come up with all sorts of skipping games and they can play them for hours. Why not get your little ones to teach you some skipping games out in the yard? Skipping is fantastic exercise and it is actually a favorite exercise of boxers who like it for the full body workout it gives them. There are all sorts of skipping games and skipping moves that your children could teach you, such as cross skipping and backwards skipping.

Play at the Park

The park is a fantastic place to get some exercise, for both kids and adults alike. You can play on the park itself or you could take a bat and a ball and play some ball games. You can also simply play catch or tag, or you could play hide and seek. Anything that gets your body moving is perfect for all of you. Why not take a few tennis rackets and a tennis ball with you and play makeshift tennis? Use your imagination and you’ll find plenty to do in the park.

Video Games

This is one of the few times that I’ll recommend video games as exercise! For family friendly exercise games, try the Family Trainer game. It comes with a mat that looks a little bit like a dance mat, and you play by putting your feet in the correct places according to the game. The Wii Fit Plus is a fantastic exercise game and it has plenty of functions, including a tailored workout depending on where on your body you want to target as well as games that improve your balance. It also has yoga and muscle workouts and games that you can play with multiple players. You could also try dance games – kids love them and they love listening to their favorite music, but if you join in you can really get a fantastic aerobic workout.