Does Provillus Hair Loss Treatment Really Work?

Losing hair is clearly one of the major factors why many people develop low self-esteem. After all, hair is the crowning glory and a healthy one makes one look better and younger. In this age of extreme self-consciousness and vanity, hair loss is something that is to be panicky about. There are a lot of treatments in the market but there is one that has captured so many positive feedbacks that say it is absolutely effective. Enter Provillus hair loss treatment for men and women who would like to put a stop to hair loss and see their crown glorious again.

Provillus Review

Provillus hair loss treatment revives the human scalp to make it an optimum environment for new hair. What the Provillus does is to provide the necessary nutrients to resurrect damaged and dead hair follicles.

The active ingredients in Provillus hair loss treatment block DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which causes 95% of hair loss in men mostly. The Provillus formula works as a supplement that aids the body in its natural supply of nutrients for hair growth.

Provillus contains minoxidil that helps grow hair back and Azelaic Acid that enhances follicle repair in both men and women.

Since the Provillus is a supplement, it requires no prescription. Best of all, it is FDA-approved so anybody can purchase and use it to treat hair loss. Since men and women are built differently, there are two different Provillus treatments for each one.

Provillus hair loss treatment for men

In men, testosterone is abundant. There are certain enzymes in the testosterone that produce DHT. This DHT shrinks the hair follicles, disabling them to produce and push new hair through the scalp. So, when hair dies and falls, it is not replaced.

Over production of DHT causes hair loss in men. What Provillus does is to block the production of DHT so that hair can grow again. In the formulation for men, the active ingredient is saw palmetto, which reduces DHT. This is not present in the formulation for women because it poses a risk to unborn babies.

Provillus hair loss treatment for women

In women it is a bit different. Hair loss is not that common but the effects are really devastating since society has not fully zoomed in on a bald woman yet as compared to the acceptance for naturally bald men. Hair loss in women happens due to hormonal imbalances, which could be due to pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause.

Just the same, Provillus preps the scalp making it a more optimum environment for hair growth. Nutrients are supplied to help bring back damaged and dead hair follicles into their functioning forms again.

Provillus Dosage

Provillus hair loss treatment is two-way: in the form of a capsule and a topical liquid to be applied on the balding area. The recommended usage for Provillus hair loss treatment one to two capsules a day in a period of 6 to 8 weeks. If there are no improvements, you can increase the dosage.

Expect to see results within three to six months after initial use. There may be minimal side effects like mild stomach disorder initially, but it fades away immediately. There is nothing to lose in trying Provillus hair loss treatment. You only have so much to gain.